Weight Loss Diet

First, you must plan your meals in advance: know where you are going to eat and consume as a meal. Earlier in the day of the week as well, then you already have a clear idea, so do not feel too hungry later. It is also often recommended to eat, three meals and two snacks during the day, then every three hours. You should also try to consume more fiber and less fat. The fibers, in particular, are critical to maintaining a well-balanced metabolism.

Among the recommended foods, of course, there are fruits and vegetables, which should constitute about half of every meal. For example, at breakfast you can combine the carrots with yogurt, cheese or during a meal with an apple. Among the most recommended foods then there are salads, chicken and fish, and should be banned or avoided as much as possible sauces and condiments high in calories different. Keep away from the butter.
As far as eating habits, you should eat slowly and without distractions so better to stay away from TV, computers and newspapers. Also consume more foods packaged and full of preservatives and dyes, promoting healthy and wholesome foods, including on the half-day snack. Another tip is to count the calories in your meals, is something that most people hate to do, but try to do it for a few days. Now then become easier to do, thanks to the various practical applications for mobile phones available.

For the runners is also recommended to increase a little every week 'more, but no more than 10%, distance traveled and the time devoted to training. If you are a beginner, but it is best not to overdo it now and not go running every day, but only for three days a week, so as to avoid injuries and accidents. Finally, if you plan to run for a long distance, better get your fill of calories and protein. But only in this case.

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