Omega 3 weight loss benefits

The capsules of omega-3 did not accelerate weight loss in people who already are practicing a diet or exercise.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by Cooper, Irving, and published in the journal "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition".

The study selected 128 sedentary adults who were obese or overweight and had them divided into two groups. Each group had to practice 150 minutes per week of aerobic exercise and another thirty minutes of physical resistance exercises twice a week.

In addition, members of both groups were taking five tablets per day of omega-3 or placebo.
At the end of 24 weeks the researchers found that among those who consumed capsules containing omega 3, there was a loss of 5.2 pounds, while those treated with placebo had lost 5.8 pounds - the difference is not significant in statistical terms.

According to the researchers there is evidence that the substance can promote weight loss in animals, in humans but the results are controversial.

The conductors of the study also suggest that diet programs that involve the consumption of omega 3 are appropriate because they include health benefits such as reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.

In fact, the survey found that in the group that made ​​use of capsules of omega-3 concentrations in blood levels have caused positive cardiovascular effects.

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