Lose Weight Without Gaining Weight Back

Do not try to lose too much weight suddenly, or you may take a good beating as soon as you stop the diet. Not more than 3 or 4 pounds at a time, then keep them. It is not the best way to start gaining weight. If you aim to lose more than 5 pounds, consult a professional so you can follow the diet.

For the same reasons mentioned above, one must not too quickly as the snow melts in the sun. In fact, the more the weight loss is sudden, the faster the pounds come back disposed! Prefissatevi then the goal of losing more than a pound a week!

Needless to stop eating from evening to morning or skip meals. It is, in fact, a food restriction is too violent, often the cause of the failure of a diet. First of all, you risk collapsing very quickly, and above all, if starving your body, the first thing they do not just eat you will take your right to store even more to face the next famine!

A gentle nudge can help you to accompany a diet. Then expect the integration of complementary food to allow drainage to eliminate toxins especially. Vitamin supplements, however, help prevent nutritional deficiencies.

A bit 'of exercise is essential for losing weight without getting fat again. Moreover, several studies have shown that people who are moving, as well as dieting, resume statistically less than weight they had before starting the weight loss program. The ideal is to keep your good exercise habits after the diet!

Learn to feel sated by introducing low-caloric density foods, or foods that fill your stomach without adding too much power. The most interesting are fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are good for health!

Do not remove the sugars or fat or any other group of food from your meals. It is absolutely pointless to demonize a product, because if you do you risk to take without fail as soon as the lost pounds back on a normal diet. The period in which you follow the diet should especially help to balance the contributions, a sort of model that will continue to follow roughly the end of the diet.

Difficult to make a diet confined alone in a corner. Especially if everyone in the family gorge on fatty and sugary products! Without trying to put the whole family on a diet, try to take the home balanced and varied diet.

A diet that deprives you of all is the best way to collapse and fall into a crisis of bulimia that could ruin the efforts you have done so far. Then, you just need to treat yourself every once in a little pleasure, in a focused and very reasonable in amount. For example, some chocolate square, a good dessert.

Diet is not only synonymous with food choice. It is also the way of eating that is called into question. So, eat slowly, take time to savor each bite, take a break between courses and the other. So, give time to your body tell you when it is full. You will find that it is an ideal method to reduce the absorption of calories without even realizing it, and to maintain good eating habits after the diet did not gain weight.

Learn to manage your mistakes, even to anticipate them. Have you eaten a big meal at noon? Then compenserete the evening eating lighter foods. In fact, a balanced diet is completed within a day or even a week. A day dining can be compensated by a day "light". This will teach you to manage the post-diet, in particular consume the meals during the holidays of the year.


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