How can i lose weight in a short time

It is approaching with great strides in the summer and many are planning to rely on last minute groped diet to lose a few pounds extra. In the field of this surely is one of the worst diets can be followed and especially not at all effective. So if you are planning to set up a last minute diet had better begin to change course. Not only does this type of weight loss is not effective, but is likely to create damage not indifferent to his body.

A last minute offers diet weight loss of more pounds in a few days, which is practically impossible. Actually, who sometimes tried to fast for a few days, feeding on fruit or raw vegetables with exclusively without seasoning, have noticed a rapid loss of weight, but in reality it is not burning the excess fat and sugars but water . This is because not having the necessary daily intake values ​​of the smooth functioning of our body, these substances tend to draw it needs stored sugars in the body.

This will result in the rapid recovery of weight lost as soon as the last minute diet is over. In addition, the non-recruitment of proteins, in this type of diets last minute usually the meat is never eaten, it will cause a loss of muscle tesuto and a slowing of the metabolism. It 'absolutely not recommended to take a diet last minute because it is totally ineffective.

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