Does wearing high heels make you lose weight?

Scientists have discovered that wearing high heels can cause the calf muscles to reduce. City University of Manchester, hogan outlets British scientists have discovered that 5 times a week for women to wear high heels in the two calf muscles during the year reduced by 13%.

Scientists believe that most of the time women are wearing high heels, then wear heels flat will produce hardship. Since a long walk on high heels cause the contraction of the calf muscle, the change in strength is weak. Replaced with a flat heel, the muscles at once to accommodate the new position so that the pain and discomfort is inevitable.

But on the other hand, this muscle to reduce health risks. Reported that high heels have to walk on tiptoe, to reduce the distance between the ankle and knee of the back, so that the calf muscles to contract. Wear a long time (at least 2 years), the contraction of the muscles become permanent, even if the heel is only five centimeters, can also cause permanent damage to the muscle, the only solution is to do stretching exercises every day after job. massage the calf muscles.

More recent studies have shown that less fat may depend on the weight loss motivation, and how to effectively regulate the lack of motivation for weight loss, and accurate records of the daily diet.

Nutrition Education and Behavior magazine has published the new University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina scientists found. 66 overweight women to participate in the 16-week weight loss plan, hogan official website the object of study, hogan site and are divided into self-initiative drive for personal reasons to lose weight and be more pressure and guilt and weight loss of the group controlled motivation, every 4 weeks for the assessment of their weight loss and motivation. The results showed that autonomous motivation for losing weight and detailed account of the diet often lose weight better. Moreover, the persistence is also very important. The researchers said that weight loss began 4 to 8 weeks, the power will be weakened, and maintain the momentum will end up losing weight successfully. Maintain the momentum for their morale, and to consult professional advisers or other even lose weight.

The weight loss are more afraid of a weight rebound, outlet hogan quickly than slowly lose weight that can prevent weight loss rebound. The results were published in the online edition of the "International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

University of Florida scientists has studied the links between the initial rate of weight loss and long-term weight loss, rapid weight loss hogan outlet is long term the best way to keep fit. "Compared with a week to lose 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg) less, lose weight slower, women lose 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) a week or more, lose weight faster women lose more fat, and long-term look better and maintain weight loss. "said researcher Lisa. The reason? That's because women rapid loss of weight by eating low-calorie diet, rapid weight loss can bring greater flexibility aspect, hogan shoes shape, hogan shoes, strength and body, which can promote weight loss to continue their efforts to target.

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