Sexual Health and Weight Loss

go all gaga about diet last folly to be publicized by the media or most recent training program, to hit the fitness scene. New weight loss pills are introduced one after another and have flooded the market competing for sales. People all over the world seems to be that excess weight u201Close%%% u201D u201CThin psyche is sexy!% U201D. % U201CLean is hot!% U201D. u201CRip% those biceps. U201CFlaunt% u201D% abs.% U201D

Back in the 80's, Olivia Newton-John song popular u201CLet% 's Get Physical% u201D that promoted fitness and about the same time, the celebrity fitness video flooded the market, like the legendary Jane Fonda aerobics video. Even John Travolta dance movie,% u201D% u201CStaying Alive capitalized on the fact that the rising star was then mentored by no less than Sylvester Stallone for his physical training program to fit the role to a u201CT% u201D%.

In today's world where the survival of the fittest becomes the name of the game, being overweight is considered absolutely little sexy. The message is clear as seen on TV, billboards and magazines. Gone are all self-conscious? Let's face it. It is not just for vanity or to feel good about themselves. This is a healthy lifestyle. The universal need to look and feel sexual desire is only secondary. Like it or not, being overweight is not attractive and can have serious consequences on their health.

How true that for every pound you lose, you become more sexually desirable? Although there are people who prefer sexual partners who are on the voluptous, many still prefer to have the right curves and bulges to the right place. However, being sexually attractive is not the only objective that we consider. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are responsible for keeping your body in good condition, if not in perfect shape. Losing weight can improve the sexual health of men and women. The couple becomes aware of any new dimension. Their sexual purposes have become more attuned to the sexual stimuli they receive, and thus increases the sexual pleasure. Having thinner bodies, both man and woman become comfortable with their bodies and tend to enjoy each other better when it comes to their sexual activity, compared to couples overweight. Is no longer just a physical thing, it becomes a factor emotional.

Obesity and infertility

It is believed that obesity could significantly affect the male infertility sexual health. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), u201Doverweight% of men are significantly more likely to be infertile men of normal weight, and that for every 20 kg of body weight in men is a ten percent increase in infertility. % u201D Although statistics show that women are more prone to obesity than men, yet, this clearly demonstrates that men should also take care of their weight for the good of their health.

On the other hand, obese women are particularly susceptible to increased blood pressure than their male colleagues. There is also an increased risk of cancers like breast cancer after menopause, and endometrial cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Body image and healthy weight

For all its value, men and women must maintain ideal body weight and image. body image is the way we project and how we perceive and imagine the response of others. It is not innate, then we do something about it. healthy weight is the size that makes a person based on a target initially set according to the person% u2019s condition determined by a physician.
People try to find reasonable and viable solutions to achieve and maintain a healthy weight long term. Maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, lead a life vice-free, and all the good things in life will be added to you, so .

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