Want to Lose Weight During the Holidays? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You.

For many people the holidays are a time when they pack on between ten to twenty extra pounds, just in time for those New Year's Resolutions to lose weight! This can be very frustrating, as healthy weight loss is typically a pound or two each week. It can take you nearly half a year to lose the weight you put on in six weeks if you gain twenty pounds or more. Fortunately, there are ways you can stick to your diet, or just avoid overeating during the holiday season.

Lower your holiday stress level. For many kids, the holidays are one fun thing after another. But for adults, the holidays can typically be quite stressful. Between paying for everything that the holidays brings to the logistical nightmare often brought on by the holidays - it is as if there is one challenge after another. That's not even mentioning all of the tempting food that comes out around the holidays! Do everything you can to make your holidays easier. Say you are asked to bring something for a holiday party right after work at a friend's house. It may be easier to swing by a local deli or supermarket and pick up something pre-made rather than having to spend the extra time preparing something. You'll also be less tempted to nibble at it while you make it.

Try to make the holidays fun. This sounds very basic, but lots of people don't find the holidays much fun at all. They rush around during the holidays trying to get things done and in the process simply don't enjoy themselves. To keep losing weight it is helpful for you to actually enjoy yourself during this season. Take everything in and participate in the festivities. Go to a holiday play or concert. Attend holiday parties and gatherings. Have the attitude that you are going to have fun this holiday season.

Dress festive for the holidays. You'll find you are less tempted to cheat on your diet when you are dressed in something nice. You not only look better, but you feel better too. You get more attention from the people in your life and you stand up just a little straighter. So dress festive for the holidays and wear your best dress or suit. You'll be sure to lose a couple more pounds this way.

Find a holiday themed sport. There are many winter sports you can try to burn calories. Simply walking outdoors is a great way to get into shape. Or snow shoveling (which will earn you the gratitude of your family) is another. Ice skating or skiing are other excellent options. There are lots of wintertime holiday themed sports. You'll get into shape and have lots more fun sticking to your diet with a sport that you enjoy.

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R Hancock writes articles on many subjects, including dieting.

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