Abdominal Fat, Lose It Even While Eating Restaurant Food!

Abdominal fat, lose it by using it, that's my slogan. You are probably bored with your home cooked meals, and would like to visit a

restaurant for a change. On the other hand, your doctor has advised you not to eat

restaurant foods as it can result in weight gain and abdominal fat. You simply don't know which way to

go, right? In this article I will tell you how to enjoy restaurant foods while at the

same time making sure that you reduce your abdominal fat. Lose it by using it!

Here is a rule of thumb for you: if a certain food tastes too good, it means it has

been richly fried, and as such, is not good for your health. Surprisingly enough, the raw

vegetables and fruits, which usually taste awful, are the best foods for quick weight

loss, as they burn more calories than they contain! Once the process starts, it will begin to use your abdominal fat to fuel it.

1. Visit vegetarian restaurants: In order to be on the safe side, visit restaurants

which offer vegetarian meals. This is not to say that non-veg meals are bad. With

non-veg restaurants, you have to take extra care to make sure that you are not eating

high-calorie or high-fat foods.

As an example, ordinary chicken meat which is served in most restaurants is usually

laden with huge amounts of fat which is bad for you! Lean chicken meat, on the other

hand, is good for you, but not all restaurants offer lean chicken meat as part of

their menus. With vegetarian restaurants, you will be more often than not on the safe


2. Let the salad dressing go: You have heard it many times that salads are good

for quick weight loss. The reason behind this is that salads are nothing but raw

vegetables in chopped form. Raw vegetables, as you might be aware, help you burn abdominal fat

by boosting your metabolic rate. Abdominal fat, lose it by using it! However, the salad dressing that is provided in most

restaurants is rich in calorie. So whenever you ask for salads, make sure to instruct

them to remove the salad dressing from the top. Otherwise, you might be adding to your abdominal fat.

3. Stay away from buffets: A lot of the foods you see at buffets are rich in calorie

content. These foods are cooked in bulk with a large amount of oil, thereby making

them unsuitable for those who are looking forward to shedding some pounds. If you

really want to eat from buffets, make sure you steer clear of these fatty foods and

choose the salads and other healthier alternatives instead! That way, you won't

accumulate an excessive amount of fat in your body and your abdomen!

4. Control your portions: Check the amount of food you are going to eat before you

take that bite! If you think that the food provided to you exceeds the portion control

limit you are allowed, eat according to your portion limit and then carry the

leftovers back home to be eaten on the next day. Ask for a box from the restaurant to

help you carry the leftovers.

As long as you use your discretion, there is nothing wrong with eating at a restaurant . So go ahead and appease your taste buds. Remember, abdominal fat, lose it by using it! If you want to step up to the next level in your program of losing unhealthy abdominal fat, and quickly, then I've got something for you

The author writes articles on health & fitness, and diet & weight loss. The author is in the process of writing a report on the long forgotten isometric exercise techniques. These techniques will allow anyone at any age to whip themselves into shape anywhere they are in as little as 2 weeks without any fancy equipment in as little as 30 minutes a day.

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