Women's Health Diet and Lifetime Diet Re-Balance

All women's body, fitness, health, and diet needs vary over the course of her life. The key to maintaining a proper balance is getting to know your own body - even as it changes, and making small adjustments accordingly.

Many of us work our whole lives to maintain a pleasing figure - to like what we see in the mirror. Hopefully, this is primarily for ourselves and not just for others. We find healthy diet options that work for certain seasons of our lives or based on current trends or even medical knowledge. However, during our lives, our bodies and metabolism change. Those changes can be because of home or work related stress, hormonal fluctuations, and hormone changes due to stress of our adrenal system, unnatural medications (prescriptions) or many other causes.

Everybody uses the words "loose weight", "go on a diet" when often what is needed is a body re-balance. Truth is, the female mid-section is sensitive to numerous affects that have nothing to do with weight gain. Unfortunately they make many women feel as though they have gotten fat when they actually have not.

Here are symptoms that show themselves in the female abdominal area:
* Water weight
* Digestive bloating
* Stress bloating
* Adrenal Fatigue
* Too much salt
* Lack of exercise

Many of these symptoms can be from foods you are eating, medications you are taking, or supplements you are missing from your normal diet.

Water Weight

Many hormonal fluctuations cause water retention, as do steroid inhalers or other medications, as does salt. We can actually develop salt or other food sensitivities over the course of our lives.

Extra water weight contributes to a feeling of lethargy can make one feel like missing a workout. Sometimes that is a day for an 'easy workout'. Do a mild weight training routine or just walk. it brings back the energy level and decreases the body's tendency to hold onto liquid as you keep your internal organs moving. Also, increase your water intake always helps. Of course the best increase for metabolic slow down is adding more weight training workouts into your workouts.

Digestive Bloating

However, as we get older our digestive system changes. We may feel 'fat' when we are have digestive issues that cause bloating having nothing to do with fat. Daily digestive boosting and cleansing with probiotic supplements control the amount of food in your body at one time and flatten the mid-section.

Salt, sugar and stress can cause bloating and digestive upset also. You can actually notice changes during the day after eating or experiencing upset. Your clothes may feel tighter during the course of the day - from morning to evening.

This is when food journals can help. Pay attention, read sodium content on labels. For you that may prove to be more important than fat or carbohydrate content to prevent an 'allergy type' bloating reaction.

Also, notice how stress makes you feel. As always, find ways to eliminate it or to relax. Of course decreasing stress has many benefits and working out or physical fitness activity has always been a great way to do that.


When you crave sweet, get the flavored natural no calories stevia supplements. Add a few drops to water or sparkling water even and have a chocolate or toffee or your favorite flavor treat.

Vitamuffins are another great idea - daily fiber and vitamins all rolled up into a favorite flavor treat.

Knowing your body and getting re-balanced is what balanced health is all about. Find the right supplements and healthy treats makes it easy to maintain a flat mid-section for killer abs at any age.

Another key is more targeting since body composition shifts, you have to shift the muscle building to counteract. I always refused to believe that older meant thick in the middle or weight gain - even during peri-menopause. These are some of my experiences and real solutions that worked for me. Incorporate these ideas into your own total body healthy balance program for your strong trimmed mid-section.

Deb Atkins owns several websites shares her creativity and experiences in order to promote balanced goal setting (http://avenueelite.com) across all areas of life including and balanced health and fitness. Learn more at http://naturalhealthandbalance.com

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