Secrets That I never wanted to reveal why I was Fat

It is embarrassing for me to be writing about a subject that has been such a huge part of my entire life and secrets I have kept inside of me, and the way society treated me as a fat person, but here goes anyway. Being Italian, while growing up it was a common thing to visit family regularly, and while doing it food always seemed to be at the center. Even if you did not like the food being served at a relatives house my parents still pushed me to eat it because they didn’t want the “Family” to get insulted.

This was, I believe the start of becoming overweight. I am not blaming anyone but myself, nor am I trying to make excuses of why I have been overweight I was trying to take a look back at why I had over ate. As time passed my choice was to eat the wrong foods. I wasn’t one for working out or doing anything physical, I was lazy so I kept getting heavier. Than as I was approaching high school and I was fat already, I found myself eating more because of the humiliation of others and what they were putting me through. I felt left out of everything, from girls, to parties, I had no social life. As a teenager this is devastating and had lifetime negative effects.

Just because I was fat didn’t mean I couldn’t have a normal life. Who do I think I was fooling? Myself? Have you heard this one before? You have a very good looking face but you’re just to fat? Or you are so nice and your a great guy but I like you as a brother! I would wear larger clothes just to hide my body, and the only thing that accomplished was it made me look bigger. While others in the hot summer would go to the beach, I would stay home because I was embarrassed to put on a bathing suit. This is one of those embarrassing things I never wanted to talk about, I had bigger breasts than some girls so I would never take my shirt off. I can’t believe I’m writing this, I have kept this inside of me as a secret for so long. Talk about feeling low, when you see people laughing and joking about this you just want to cry.

I was getting so frustrated feeling left out of the world, yet I still would eat and hide home, watch TV and I made myself think it was ok. By now my parents had tried everything to get me to lose weight, from not buying junk foods, to even stop going to relatives house because I was out of control. They had me try diets, i.e. Nutri -System, Slimfast, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, LA Diets, Atkins, grapefruits, cabbage soup, you name I tried it. I even bought weight loss books, went to a nutritionist, I tried everything but nothing worked.

Finally, one day in my mid 20’s I was rushed to the hospital for chest pains. All this because of my over eating, and now it was catching up with me. I went through a series of tests and was diagnosed with multiple weight related diagnosis. This was the wakeup call that I needed. If I was able to stay away from drinking and not doing drugs I had to find a way to live healthy and control my eating.

So I turned to the internet, besides wasting a lot of time, and money on promises of weight loss products that just didn’t work, I was getting frustrated and about to give up hope that I would never find a weight loss program that could help me.

I came across a blog and started reading this personal weight loss story of someone whose story sounded similar to mine ,so I went to the website he said helped him, and at first I was very skeptical. But there was something that caught my attention, it said this program was supervised by physicians, and the program was based on data researched A. T. W. Simeons, M.D. a well know doctor throughout the world on obesity.

Well I asked for the free e-book that was being offered and it was a book published by Dr. Simeons. It thoroughly explained obesity and what he felt was the only way to lose weight. To say the least I became very excited that I had found a place that would help me with my obesity. I knew this was my answer. My dreams and prayers were going to be answered.

Well I ended up getting the information and it has been the best information I could have ever asked for. I have lost over 180 lbs, 18 inches from my waist and have met many interesting new friends from this weight loss clinic who were in the same shoes as me, and many have lost over 100lbs also. Pictures of me are on the clinics (people who lost over 100lbs).

I am very grateful for finding that personal weight loss story and I’m confident if you were in the same position as I was don’t hesitate, do your research and if you really want to change your life around you will. This is a long and hard journey, and if you ever need to talk to someone who has been there feel free to leave your comment.

Boring Weight Loss secrets that I never wanted to reveal. My personal weight lost success of Joe Janetti

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