The Top 7 Diet Tips To Get Rid Of Love Handles And To Lose Weight

The most important aspect of starting on a diet is how you approach it. In order to successfully get rid of love handles and overall fat, you must first be prepared in all facets of a diet and fitness program before you jump into one full speed ahead. The following are the top 7 diet tips to quickly get rid of love handles and body plain English!

1. Be Realistic - Do not go into a diet with the mindset that you are going to go for a 40 pound drop off of weight in a matter of one month. That's impossible...if you are practicing safe ways to lose weight. Set realistic goals for dieting and getting in shape. Your goals should be based off of YOUR BODY, not someone in a magazine. What works for someone else, may not work for you. If you set realistic goals, your motivation level will increase tremendously. This is because you are reaching simple goals quickly and easily. Once you have that accomplished, you now can slightly increase the intensity of your goals.

2. Eat Several Meals Daily - This is a surefire way to boost up your metabolism. Eating several small healthy meals daily will keep your fat burning engine running on all cylinders. I recommend 6 small meals daily. Make sure your meals include monounsaturated fats, plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates such as apples, other fruits, veggies, and fiber. Eating several small meals daily stabilizes your blood sugar level and keeps you from getting that strong hunger feeling.

3. NEVER Skip Breakfast - I'm sure you've heard that a billion times, but, it is worth repeating. For proper dieting, muscle building, and for overall health, you should never skip breakfast. Eating breakfast helps jump start your day by firing up the engines with your metabolism. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can control your hunger through out the day, which is obviously vital to a successful fat burning plan.

4. Plan, Plan, Plan - If you just jump in trying to diet, lose your love handles, and burn body fat without proper planning, you are planning to properly fail. You must have an initial plan in place rather it's a set plan that you've purchased (a diet program), or one that you've created from research. Also, you need to make sure you plan out what you are going to eat through the day ahead of time. This is incredibly important so as to not encourage yourself to be tempted into eating foods you should not be eating.

5. The Almighty H2O - If you want to get rid of body fat, and for overall health, you must consume PLENTY of water every day. Sure you are going to be living in the restroom, but, drinking plenty of water has such a huge effect on burning fat, building lean muscle, and complete body health.

6. Forgive Yourself For Slipping - If you slip on your diet by eating and/or drinking something you shouldn't be...DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. You're only human. The most important thing is...don't make it a habit! Trust me on this, if you fight off the urge to have the chocolate candy bar, or that piece of cheese cake, you WILL be making yourself stronger by increasing your willpower. That is the secret to increasing your willpower...just say no, and over a short time it will become second nature to avoid unhealthy foods entirely.

7. Be Proud Of Yourself - The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are ready to get yourself in better shape. That's the first goal and you've already accomplished it. Reward yourself every now and then, because going from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Keep your mind set on what you want to become (sexy body, muscular, lean and fit), and not on the shape you are now. Understand that you are doing something a lot of people have difficulties doing, and that is something you should take pride in. It's like becoming a Marine. This is why when recruits graduate, it's extremely emotional...why....because they've just accomplished something (Marine Corps boot camp), that most people wouldn't even imagine.

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I wish you the best of success in getting yourself in better health and getting yourself those much desired six pack abs! Good Luck!

Avy Barnes is a long time health and fitness enthusiast. If you're looking for more free valuable tips, tricks, and secrets about weight loss & fitness, then be sure to visit Conquer Weight Loss

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