You can lose weight, build muscle, and feel good!

These days, weight loss is on the rise, and everyone wants a slender, well toned physic. This can only be achieved through proper dieting and a good, healthy workout program. Remember, for your safety, please contact your doctor before starting any regular workout program, especially if you have heart problems, and follow their instructions to the letter. No sense in starting a workout program, only to get injured and not be able to continue the program, and possibly gaining all the lost weight back. So, please, listen to your doctor.

Warm up:

Before any workout session, it is extremely important to warm up. This helps prevent injury, such as muscle tears and strains. Something like jogging half a mile or even a full mile is perfect. Not warming up can cause a workout to be miserable beyond all reason, which can deter you from working out again.


Just as important, if not more so, is stretching. Be sure to stretch every muscle in your body, not just the ones you want to work out. Even with running, you need to stretch your arms and shoulders before you do anything. With running, you move your arms front and back in a controlled motion, rather than flail them around like a kite. As little as it is, it's still a slight workout and can, after a while, if you didn't stretch, cause pain in your shoulders. A ten-second count for each stretch should be good to last an hour or so. After that hour, it's a good idea to stretch again, even if you're almost done.


There are various workouts one can do, two of which can be done easily without weights: interval training, and burnout training.

Interval training focuses on having a medium difficulty workout and a steady heart rate for a few minutes, then an intense workout with a higher heart rate. This is great for people who are more focused on losing weight than getting stronger or more athletic, and is geared towards cardio exercise, like aerobics, running, biking, etcetera, though it is important for anyone involved in sports. If you were going to go running, you would start off with a jog for 2-4 minutes, and then run or sprint for a minute before reverting to jogging. You would repeat this 3-5 times before beginning your cool down, which we will discuss in the next section.

Burnout training is geared towards isometric exercises, such as lifting weights, doing push ups, and so on, though it can also be applied to cardio exercises (we'll only be going over a couple isometric exercises). When using weights, you start with higher weights, say, the bar and two five pound weights on each side, and do as many reps (repetitions) as you can, or a set amount (usually 10 reps), before having your partner take off a weight from each side. You would do this again, and he/she would take off the second pair of weights. When there are no more weights on the bar, you would just keep going until you were unable to do so any more. Without weights, you might do a set of 20-20s, which is 20 pushups and sit ups, then 19 of each, and so on until you finished with 1 of each. Then, you would do as many as possible of each. Another way to do burnout workouts, without the use of weights, is the circle of death (no, no one actually dies). Get a few friends (the more friends, the harder it gets) and circle up, giving enough room for each person to be in push up position. Everyone remains in pushup position the entire time. Someone starts with doing one pushup. Then the next person does two, and so on until a set number is reached. If you collapse, you're "dead" (thus the name) and the next person finishes (or tries to) your set. You would still remain in the exercise and revert back to pushup position until it was your turn again or the exercise was over. Also, burnout exercises should refrain from taking more than 10 minutes.

These are not the only forms of exercise. More information can be found at the link at the end of the article.

Cool down:

A cool down is essentially the same as a warm up. A 2-5 minute walk (not jog, walk), followed by some stretching, is all you need to do. Why is it important? Quite simple: after you workout, the first thing you want to do is relax. Without a short cool down exercise, this can cause your muscles to shrink down too much. If you were to take a nap without a cool down period after a run through the park, you might wake up, take a couple steps, and pull your calf muscle.


Everyone knows water is important. Without an exercise, it's good to drink at least a quart of water. Drink some before and after your warm up, during your workout, and before and after your cool down. The more water you drink, the less likely you'll get an injury. Just don't drink too much at a time, or you might get sick.

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