15 Essential Tips to Lose Weight: the Importance of Using Proactol

There are a lot of ways to lose weight, but there are also common mistake that most people make without even knowing why or that they are actually doing it. The world of diets and fitness is a world with many myths and misconceptions, so for the safety of anyone who desires to change their body, I would advise to read books and articles that focus on the scientific facts behind weight loss, nutrients and calories. I’ll leave you with a very useful list, that I’m sure will aid in a process that isn’t fast, but can be very rewarding if one knows how to wait for nature take its course. If you want, print this list and hang it on your fridge. Every time you open that door you’ll be able to focus on the really important stuff!

1- The number one thought behind losing weight should be your health and not just getting slimmer. This philosophy can have a great impact on how you perceive and construct your diet. 2- Keep in mind that, as a process, losing weight in a healthy long-lasting way takes its time, so don’t expect immediate results. 3- Establish a goal and stick to it. Don’t be discouraged by the time it will take. Time flies by if you incorporate your new eating habits in everyday life! 4- Establish a realistic goal! If you’re a size 10 don’t ever think you can be a size 2 in just 3 months. It could be very dangerous for you, or you might end up putting even more weight than before. 5- Control your cravings by drinking a glass of water, milk or tea. Remember that most cravings are psychological, it’s not really your body asking for food. It’s your mind! 6- Reduce your visits to fast-food restaurants to 3 times a month. If you really can’t then once a week, maximum! 7- Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. No exception. Water helps reducing cellulite increasing metabolism and reducing weight. 8- You can eat chocolate, but if you like milk chocolate eat one small square a day. If you like dark chocolate, eat 2 per day. 9- Substitute bottled juices for natural juices, fresh out of the fruit! Preferably with no addition of sugar.. 10- Eat a frugal meal at dinner. As the day goes by we should eat less and less, because our body loses the ability to burn calories and tends to reserve them more in the form of fat. 11- Cut the salad dressings and simply season them with a sprinkle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of pepper and salt. 12- Use and abuse of herbs and spices. They’re taste great, they’re good for your health and they don’t have calories! 13- Why eating pancakes in the morning ?? and with syrup! My god, do you really need all mixture in your body when you wake up? 14- Best breakfast: glass of low fat milk, small cup of cereals, apple. 15- Combine all of the above with a supplement that helps you with your cravings and prevents you from absorbing so much fat . I use proactol to reduce all these, control my metabolism and lose weight. Not everyone gets thinner just by eating right but proactol pills absorb 30% of what you eat and really make you lose weight. Lear more about the proactol diet and start shedding those pounds today!

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