Why A Lot of Diets Fail? - Dieting actually makes you fatter

Why A Lot of Diets Fail?

Dieting actually makes you fatter

When you reduce a lot of calories, your body tries to hold its fat stores in response to that low calorie impact. Have you considered this? The body fat that you are trying to eliminate it is in fact the store that the body is trying to maintain in response to your diet effort. The more you cut, the more your body fights to hold onto its fat stores

But why? Well it is a metabolic pathway which had being generated by the process of evolution itself, the body is just trying to survive.

What is a diet anyway? In nutrition, the diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism. So the term diet, that most people use, is not proper. The vulgar use of the term " Diet " refers to the restriction of food or calories during a certain period of time.

Why A Lot of Diets Fail? It is true that calorie restriction will cause you weight lose, but the point here is, what are you really trying to lose? Because I donĂ¢€™t think that quality of that weight, is not going to be of your interest. But if I ' m wrong and you only want is to lose weight no matter the source, all diets or restrictions will work for you.

Other important issue here is how long the weight is going to stay off. The fact is that the weight loss from low calorie dieting never lasts. Most conventional diets canĂ¢€™t keep the weight off. What is even worse is that most this weight comes from proteins, not fat. This is why a lot of diets fail, because lose weight only is not enough

So if you want a permanent fat loss without losing muscle like I do, you are not so far from the truth saying that most of the diets never work.

This whole contradiction explains why, even though there are a lot of new diet programs and weight loss products than ever before, the obesity is one of the top health problems and has continued to grow.

In Conclusion, because the body has certain defense mechanisms, it ' s physiologically impossible to permanently lose fat with very low calorie diets.

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Jose Davila is a part time fitness consultant and a full time science student and researcher, with several years of experience in fitness and bodybuilding.

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