Top 7 Mistakes in Weight Loss!

Obesity and overweight happen often due to overlooking, living in high stress lifestyles or adapting bad habits. Weight loss is quite a complicated and unattainable goal since it is not our first priority in life. Whether you want to lose weight due to health reasons or vanity, most people do not make it because they are using their own weight loss methods. It may also due to incorrect influence of myths and incorrect outlooks from media or other people. Here are the top mistakes made in weight loss:

1. Not mentally prepared This is the top mistake of all because if you are not mentally prepared to make a physical effort, you are not going to lose weight at all. If you cannot make it mentally, you bound to fail physically. Your body is not going to react to any form of exercises or trainings if your mind cannot harmonize with it. You have to correct this mistake first before you proceed on.

2. No goal setting In order to lose weight, you need to plan how much you want to lose in a given time. Weight loss does not happen overnight so it is important to take a step at a time. Set for a realistic goal whereby weight loss is achievable within a certain time frame.

3. Skip meal Skipping meals are a common mistake made to lose weight. People tend to think that if you eat less, you will gain less and lose more (fats). Unfortunately, it does the opposite. Our built in survival mechanism in our body will react to hunger by slowing down body metabolism and storing fat in our next meal. The main reason for this is to protect you from starving. Since we tend to overeat after a long starvation, we cause our body to store more fat and this will only worsen the matter. Instead of losing weight via skipping meals, you may turn out to gain more weight instead. Hence, we need to stick to a normal eating schedule to lose weight.

4. Lack of sleep "Sleep loss equal weight gain". This is the conclusion that was made by researchers. People who are sleep-derived tend to be overweight. This is due to stimulation of hunger hormone and decrease the level of hormone which makes you full. Even if you endure the hunger, the hormones will use muscles as substitution to replenish themselves. This will lead to muscle loss. Hence, you need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night for your body to run smoothly.

5. Depression & Stress Depression is another culprit that prevents you to lose weight. When it happens, our body will excrete a hormone called cortisol which causes us to crave for foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Falling into the mode of depression will worsen your already bad condition and has bad affects on your body. Try to control it whenever you can.

6. Diet without exercise Diet and exercise go hand in hand and it is important to do both in order to maximize weight loss goal. Just having diet alone may cause you to lose some weight but studies have shown that those who diet with exercise lose more. It speeds up your weight loss efforts, and helps you to keep off the pounds. Do at least 45 minutes of exercise per day but you may not need do all at once. You can fit in several short segments of exercise throughout your day.

7. Eating While Distracted Off the television, stereo and computer when you are having a meal. These entertainments will tend to divert your attention away from the diet and you will end up eating more than you need.

Understanding the mistakes you made in losing weight will win you half the battle of the goal. But, knowledge without application is useless. Apply what you have learnt into your weight loss endeavour and remember that it takes time, motivation and efforts to lose weight.

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Ron Lin,

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