A New Discovery About The Reasons For Being Overweight And New No Diet No Exercise Technique To Help You Lose Weight

Do you have a weight problem? Would you give just about anything to be able to fix the problem without all of the usual hype of diets, drugs and exercise? Just wait till you hear about this new discovery by a doctor in Arizona. She is calling it a total breakthrough in weight loss. She says lots of other people have known about this, but have kept it to themselves in order to keep the diet industries happy and profitable. She goes on to say that her new weight loss discovery allows you to live a healthy life without the constant worry and torment that being overweight brings about.

It is Dr Suzanne Gudakunst who is behind this totally amazing discovery, and her results and the fact that she has made them public has sent the whole industry into a spin. She says this new and unique weight loss “secret” is so easy anyone can do it. She goes on to say that you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary or unnatural.

Dr Suzanne had this to say about her amazing discover “….this is something that I caught onto just before 2002 when there was so much research and exploration going around concerning the human colon and digestive system working in harmony with nutritional absorption, and I started doing independent studies just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after seeing some fantastic results."

Dr Suzanne continued with her studies, and discovered a link between parasitic infestations and harmful plague in the human bowel tract, and extremely overweight and obese people. These people had not been able to lose any weight, despite an intense regime of diet and exercise. Buy now, thanks to Dr Suzanne, they had finally found a solution to their problems.

Over a number of years, Dr Suzanne developed natural treatments to remove these harmful and sometimes even life-threatening plaques and rapidly reproducing digestive parasites. Patients who were extremely obese were given these treatments (people who in 98% of cases were in immediate danger of dying), and 100% of them had highly successful results.

The lady doctor then took what she had learned and witnessed on severely overweight and obese people, and applied the same techniques on less severe cases of overweight people. The results were just as effective.

Even more amazing than this, is that Dr Suzanne has managed to reverse diabetes in some people, and completely eliminate illness in people with cancer (linked directly to poor diet and overweight factors). This is a very powerful formula.

Most of her patients were told by their "conventional doctors" that they only had a few months left to live ��" or at best a couple of years. They were told that there was no hope of them ever living a normal life again. However after they applied Dr Suzanne’s new discovery treatments, their lives and weight problems were reversed to the point of being exactly the opposite to what their "conventional doctors" had previously told them.

The really amazing thing about all of this, is that there is absolutely nothing unnatural to it, and it doesn’t require any major modification in everyday living.

The treatment Dr Suzanne uses for her patients is completely natural, based on "protection agents found in nature". These agents can be found almost everywhere, in the form of particular herbs, extracts, and organic constituents. They are found in various plants, however when combined in certain combinations, made up of specific amounts, they form a long awaited for solution to obesity (and all of the diseases and illnesses associated with it).

Dr Suzanne now wants to help others, including people just wanting to shed a few pounds, or people who are so overweight or obese it has turned into a life-threatening situation. So she is releasing her “secret” for destroying the rapidly increasing problem of obesity, which has become a huge problem in society.

Lots of experts believe our world would never tolerate such a discovery, any more than we would realistically expect a car that runs on water to ever be available to the general public.

You can get a free report on Dr Suzanne's new discovery plus lots more information to help you to overcome your weight problem. Please click the link for further details.


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