Never Skip Meals to lose weight! You will have reverse effect

While skipping meals to lose weight may be effective in the beginning, it does not work in the long run. Our built in survival mechanism in our body will react to hunger by slowing down body metabolism and and storing fat in our next meal. The main reason for this is to protect you from starving. Since we tend to overeat after a long starvation, we cause our body to store more fat and this will only worsen the matter. Instead of losing weight via skipping meals, you may turn out to gain more weight instead.

Since skipping meals and starving store fat instead of burning them, our body will start to break down muscles to fuel its vital operations. For your information, muscle is responsible for metabolism in the body. Without muscles, the rate at which your body burns the fat slows down or reduces. If you are eating more high-fat food products than your muscles can burn them, fats will start to accumulate in your body.

Stick to a normal eating schedule is still the ideal diet to enhance weight loss. The meals must be balanced with fruit, vegetables, grains and meat to meet different nutrition needs. Reduce the intake of caffeine because it leads to an increase of insulin in your body which retards the burning of your stored fat. Most people should eat 3 regular meals and 1 snack per day and the meals should be about the same serving size. To lose weight, the amount of calories output should be more than the amount input. The extra output comes from the stored calories inside your body that you want to get rid off. You can either eat fewer calorie foods or burn off calories through exercise.

Foods high in fat and sugar tend to be high in calories, such as butter, mayonnaise, sausages, full-fat cheese, energy drinks, all regular sodas, sweets and candy. For those who are over weight or want to lose weight, it is better to avoid or keep away from these foods. The best type of food to control weight loss are those from all food groups (which include fats). They should be rich in grains, fiber, protein and good quality vegetable oil.

In combination with diet, you need to exercise to burn off the calories. Walk alot if you do not have much time to exercise. If you are not walking, the world is passing you by. Walk as much as you can. When you are tired of walking, walk again. Don't give excuses such as "I walk alot at work". At least I did not ask you to run. If you are not dedicating some time to exercise, you are missing the boat.

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Ron Lin,

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