Is There Such as Thing as Guaranteed Weight Loss?

Of course the allure of a guaranteed weight loss system sounds can't be denied, and that's because of how tough the struggle can be. A lot of people throw in the towel early-on because of frustration with uncomfortable diets and silly unconventional exercise programs they read about. First and foremost, if you're looking for guaranteed weight loss - guaranteed anything; you need to find YOUR reasons for wanting it. We all have different motivations for the things we do; find yours, and you'll be unstoppable. The sad truth is a lot of people pick up a magazine and see all these reason for why think they're supposed to want it, but maybe they don't stick.

Here are some rules to follow to make your program a guaranteed weight loss system for yourself. Finances can be one reason. Yes, it is more expensive to eat unhealthy. Fast food, constant eating out, sweets, junk food, no doubt it adds up. Not to mention the spending on additional weight-correction products because you're gaining the weight from an unhealthy lifestyle. It's a vicious cycle. If you stick to strictly vegetables and lean meats, your grocery budget will actually go the furthest. I've seen the most hardcore example myself; a vegetarian friend of mine showed me his grocery store receipt for this enormous shopping trip and it was about a third of an average bill for most people's trips. That's a guaranteed weight loss program for him.

Health is the other obvious reason. With obesity on the rise, we're noticing all the health problems associated with it. But that's also when you have the vast majority of people thinking fast food is good for you. So pick an overweight health problem, any problem: diabetes, kidney stones, shorter life span, heart disease, heart attacks, and the possible need for surgery. If that doesn't seem bad, pick the scariest sounding one, and, provided you're not insane, that should be enough of a guaranteed weight loss program for you.

Physical attractiveness is also a huge motivator in putting together a guaranteed weight loss program. Being thin and fit looking has been the standard for decades. The studies are out there. Attractive people are at huge advantage, and your weight and overall physical fitness is a big part of the equation that you actually have control over. Why not take advantage of it? It's common knowledge that life is easier for more attractive people, (not an all-encompassing rule but generally, yeah). They're given a chance, given the time of day, and taken more seriously because, simply put, they're more pleasant to be around. How would you like to be considered head and shoulders above other candidates interviewing for a great job, because the people interviewing just seemed to like you more? Let that be your guaranteed weight loss motivation.

If you have kids, getting all the guarantee you can is even more important. Parents set standards for their kids and that affects how they grow up and live their lives. If you've found yourself leading an unhealthy life; stop the cycle here, right now. Knowing that you won't have to pass on negative unhealthy habits, and that your kids have a real shot at living healthy, energetic, active lives should give you a guaranteed weight loss system.

Rob Jacobs has consulted on weight loss and nutrition for 20 years. He helps world class bodybuilders and dieters alike on how they can improve their health, and overall life. For more information on Rob's approach to health, please visit Guaranteed Weight Loss

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