Why So Many Celebrities Are Choosing NutriSystem Advanced 2008

Nutrisystem.com has some big program changes coming up and a new celebrity spokesperson. In January 2008 you should start seeing Nutrisystem Advanced Commercials and ads with Tori Spelling. She will be the new face of the diet company. The 'Beverly Hills 90210' actress shot a new advertising campaign for the company after losing 35 pounds on their diet food plan after the birth of her son. Tori was very successful on the Nutrisystem diet program. She looks amazing and has agreed to be the next spokesperson for this very popular diet. She will start promoting Nutrisystem Advanced new diet.

Marie Osmond decided this past Christmas she was a little overweight and it was time to do something about it. So she decided to start dieting and get back in shape by signing up with the program "Choose to Move," and then she went on NutriSystem. She has started to lose weight with the Nutrisystem Program and another great opportunity came up for her which should also help to her to shed some pounds. She will be one of the celebrity dancers on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Other well known celebrities are Tony Orlando, Dan Marino, Don Shula, and Chris Carter.

The Nutrisystem plan is one of the most popular diet plans going. With a variety of specially prepared meals, the plans available cover almost every base imaginable. From specialty plans for women to those designed just for men and diabetics, when weight loss with an emphasis on nutrition is desired, this is considered one of the best choices.

Nutrisystem offers six different plans, each with their own special meal choices. Rather than rely on weekly meetings, calorie counting and weigh ins, this program provides users with ready made meals that make dieting with healthy choices in mind easy.

The options include:

- Womens Plan - This plan offers more than 120 different meal and dessert choices. It involves low glycemic index carbohydrates, protein, fiber and a low fat content. The meals are designed to be spread out for five meals a day. The only thing followers need to add to the mix are fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

- Silver Plan for Women - This plan is tailored specifically to meet the weight low and nutritional needs of older women. It includes the same type of balance the regular women does, but with the right caloric balance for the differing needs of age.

- Mens Program - This meal plan is designed to meet the unique and specific needs of men. With foods men like and no weigh ins, measuring and so on, the plan is fairly easy for men to follow. Just eat the meals as directed and weight loss potential is within reach.

- Silver Plan for Men - This meal plan is meant to meet the specific needs of aging men while offering a variety of food choices. From hot dogs and burgers to pizza and beyond, the plan comes with prepared meals that men tend to like.

- Type II Diabetic Plan - The unique needs of a diabetic are addressed by this plan that allows diabetics to eat as they should while enjoying more than 90 different meal and dessert choic.

What is the NEW NutriSystemì® Advanced? program?

The NEW NutriSystemì® Advanced? program is an easier, healthier, and "better for you" program because it now contains omega-3 fatty acids and has more crave-busting power than ever before to help promote weight loss.

The NEW NutriSystem Advanced program for 2008 combines the breakthrough science of the NutriSystem "good carb" Glycemic Advantage⬬?, with natural fiber to help better control hunger, and omega-3 fatty acids to help promote heart health. Plusâ⬬¦#34;each 28-Day NutriSystem Advanced order (in 2008) comes with a new, FREE Results Kit (a $50 value)

featuring the following items:

new personalized Meal Planner new Mindset Makeover? behavior modification guide created with the help of renowned weight management expert Gary Foster, Ph.D.

new exercise DVD by fitness expert Leslie Sansone, or NFL star Vaughn Hebron

new complete online account and community access guide Altogether, it is simply our most advanced program ever! And, to make it even easier for our customers to follow the program, the new Advanced packaging is color-coded by meal occasion. It makes organizing your program and choosing your foods each day just that much easier!

Get two free weeks of food with your auto deliver order.

Why So Many Celebrities Are Choosing NutriSystem Advanced 2008 NutriSystem.com NutriSystem.com Click here: Official NutriSystem Website

Click here: Official NutriSystem Website

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