How To Lose Weight Fast Without Pills

When a person finally decides to make a break from the burden of obesity, often the first question is: how can I lose weight the quickest?

In todays age of self medicating, quite often the first solution is to get some pills. But for those of us who want to avoid the potential problems with pills - which range from heart damage to black-market purchases - where can we turn?

Are pills, needles and doctors the only solution?

Lucky for us, the science of nutrition has made some great strides in recent years, specifically in the area of understanding how the endocrine system responds to foods. The endocrine system are those parts of your body that produce hormones. And hormones have been proven to be the power factor in rapid weight loss.

For years the only way to regulate these powerful hormones was to pop pills or use the needle. One would attempt to regulate or delivered the hormones directly via the bloodstream in the form of steroids and stimulants. This type of hormone regulation is done by taking specific ratios of drugs that are known to have an effect on the hormones that help burn fat, such as HGH, (human growth hormone).

The fact that is often overlooked by people on their quest to shed the pounds is that foods are in fact chemicals too. So if we can treat food like drugs, using them in correct relationship to each other like drug companies do when them make pills, then we can achieve drug like effects using real food. And best of all we can get these results without the threat to our health (or jail time).

The diets that have taken the lead in regulating hormones that burn fat are those that use Calorie Cycling. Calorie cycling is where the types of calories consumed are cycled in a manner that keeps the endocrine system (hormone system) creating hormones that aid in the fat loss efforts.

Now it must be noted that Calorie Cycling is a misnomer because it is not really the calories that get cycled but rather the macro-nutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fats. However Calorie Cycling was the phrase that stuck so we use it.

As for results they are nothing short of spectacular - genuinely on par with any pill or potion out there. Calorie Cycling diets have been proven to profound effects on fat loss, with a more than double the average fat-loss over pure calorie restriction diets. Many dieters have seen as much as 5-7 a week or more.

Heres the kicker, most of these results were without any exercise whatsoever.

So what can one expect from a Calorie Cycling diet, besides the rapid fat loss?

Well, some of the additional benefits are a noted lack of hunger pangs. Due to the volume of food consumed and the manner of cycling, most dieters noted a lack of hunger when compared with normal diets. Plus since the diet is reliant in food types and not caloric intake to get its results there is no need for portion control. So for those tired of counting points, pints or calories, such a diet can be a real benefit.

Additionally many people who have used this type of diet especially love the cheat days where "anything goes," food wise. It is a nice sense of freedom.

The fact is that cutting edge nutritional science has put the power back in the hands of the dieters and made the need for pills practically obsolete. And Calorie Cycling can be a real benefit to those who have struggled with diets and food before.

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