How to burn stomach fat - Fast and safe approach to belly fat loss

For some the way to burn stomach fat fast might be to use diet pills, or the latest fad supplement. The draw back to this method? It cannot be sustained for ever, the only true long term fat loss plan comes from dietary

and lifestyle changes that must happen for the long term, not just a few weeks to attain a new looking figure.

How to Burn Stomach Fat Fast

There are a few ways you can jump start your fat loss without paying for expensive pills, or risking any other damage that weight loss supplements can do to your body. The three easiest forms to burn stomach fat are:

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Cut your calories
  • Exercise

I know exercise is an obvious one but you'd be surprised how few people actually integrate daily exercise into their routine when their trying to burn stomach fat. So let's look at the other two ways to start losing weight fast.

Increase your metabolism to burn stomach fat

This might seem like a to good to be true concept, but you can make simple changes to your day-to-day routine and diet that will increase the speed you burn calories. Start by first focusing on some of the foods that

increase metabolism. I won't get into a food guide here, but a simple search will provide a very long list of options to help speed up your fat burning.

Secondly, switch from eating 3 meals a day to eating smaller meals more often. This is a smart alternative, and many new diets are urging this. Cut back a bit on your three normal meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

and add in a mid morning and afternoon meal. We're not talking about a full 3 course meal, but a sandwich, salad etc. This will improve how quickly your body deals with the calories it receives.

Cut Calories to lose weight

This should be obvious for those trying to burn stomach fat, but I don't think it is. Most of us focus on eating better when we want to lose weight, how ever we don't pay any attention to how much we're eating. Rather

then just reducing how many potato chips we eat, start considering how many calories a day you're eating.

Everyone has a set number of calories we should be eating each day. Most of us are going way over that limit, but we don't even know by how much. Again do a search online and find a calorie counter, there are

hundreds of them, use it to determine your suggested daily calorie intake. Next keep a journal for a week to determine how many calories you are in fact eating, you'll likely be surprised.

Now, to kick start your belly fat burning cut your daily calorie intake by 500 less then your suggested amount. Why 500? Well, it takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat, so if you create a 3500 calorie decrease in

your intake (which you will 7 days x 500 calories) you should effectively lose one pound of fat. If you exercise every day you'll lose even more.

To learn more about how to burn stomach fat visit a popular fat loss website specializing in helping you learn how to lose belly fat.

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