Fat Loss

Successful and healthy fat loss is a balance of what we eat and how we eat. To use food so that it contributes to our health instead of to our indigestion involves, for one thing, the types of foods and how they go together. That's called:

Food Combining If you've ever read about how to combine foods so that they digest properly, it's pretty straightforward and really not complicated. But then you come to the part where you're poking in the refrigerator, pulling things out and decide "Oh, what the heck, I'll just have some of this and a little of that--" and suddenly food combining has just gone into the trash.

If I may, let me tell you the way I remember what goes with what. A + C = very good for digestion B + C = okay for digestion A + B = very bad for digestion D = always eat by itself

Okay, this is the rundown: A = Proteins (Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Beef) B = Starches/Carbohydrates (Bread, Rolls, Pasta, Crackers, Pizza crust) C = Vegetables (Raw or Lightly Steamed) D = Raw, uncooked Fruit

In other words, Fish and a salad, A + C = great. Stir-fry veggies with pasta, B + C, heavier but an okay combination, but don't throw any shrimp or chicken in that--then it becomes an A + B=bad. The same goes for pizza. The crust (B-starch) + cheese (A-protein) + pepperoni (A-protein) + tomato sauce (cooked tomatoes, the same as cooked spinach, turn acid in your system) = terrible indigestion. Pizza is delicious, I grant you, but is it yummy for the tummy?

And don't finish up a meal with fruit, ever! Fruit eaten by itself will digest in the system in about 20 minutes. If it goes into your stomach with other foods, it sits there for hours while the other foods digest, fermenting and causing gas.

What It Takes to Digest Your Food You probably know that the body uses enzymes to help digest the food you eat. Some enzymes are in your saliva, which is why it's so helpful to eat slowly and chew your food well. It is even suggested that you "chew" raw vegetable and fruit juices because this will allow the enzymes in the saliva to mix with the juice before you swallow.

Different foods need different types of enzymes to break them down. And the body knows to put the enzymes into your system first that it needs to breakdown or digest the most concentrated foods. For instance, if you have a meal with bacon, pancakes with strawberry sauce, buttered toast and eggs, bacon is the first on the list, since it takes about nine hours to digest. The starches (pancakes and toast) which if eaten alone would take about 5-6 hours, and the fruit (20 minutes to digest if eaten by itself) sit in your stomach. (To say nothing of the egg protein and dairy.) We tend to cram too many types of food on our plates just because it pleases our palates without thinking about how they combine. Do we really consider what our stomachs are suffering? This is sometimes likened to throwing more food down a jammed garbage disposal. It just sits there and ferments.

Are you sick and tired of starving yourself or depriving yourself to lose a few pounds only to have them creep back when you can't resist the cheeseburgers and fries, pizza or meat, potatoes and gravy? Do yourself and your body a favor. Get the information you can use to get rid of those ugly, fatty bulges that are literally ruining your health.


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