Weight Loss without Exercise

Have you tried to lose weight and no matter how many diets you buy into you just can't seem to shift those unwanted pounds? Surprisingly, the answer may not be anything to do with the foods you do or do not eat. This may sound absurd but I will explain below a common cause that may be preventing your body from losing the weight.

You probably wouldn't think this could apply to you, but parasites and bacteria found in the gut are a common cause of obesity in millions of people around the globe. Yes, even in modern and clean countries like the United States.

Parasite infestations of the gut and bad bacteria can happen to anyone of us. They can be mild or severe and may go on for a number of years. You may not even know. Quite often no symptoms develop until a long way down the track, and even then you may not recognize symptoms, such as tiredness upon waking, as a reason to seek medical help.

But how does having parasites or some type of bacteria in your gut have anything to do with weight loss?

There is a massive number of microflora within our gut that helps with a myriad of functions including the extraction of calories from the foods we eat. Studies have shown that changing the balance of our gut microflora can strongly influence metabolism and indeed, be a prominent cause of obesity.

But shockingly, not only can having bad bacteria and parasites potentially cause obesity, but they can even lead to other terminal diseases such as cancer. If you eat a lot of rare meat, sugars and processed foods, or travel to foreign countries the likelihood of having these infestations is quite high.

When you eat rare meat, uncooked fish that can often contain bacteria and parasites like worms, along with sugary processed foods, these nasty little critters make themselves at home in your gut. Once established they begin to soak up the nutrients you need to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. This in turn keeps your energy levels low and makes you feel tired a lot of the time.

You may then develop sugar cravings and chronic fatigue which can lead to other problems including depression. The cycle continues on and on. You eat more sugar; the nasty critters are well fed and reproducing. They continue their work at keeping your blood sugar levels out of balance and you continue to feel tired. So you reach for some protein hoping to find some energy but the steak you had wasn't heated enough and you introduce even more parasites into your system. You can see how this just keeps going like the proverbial snowball effect.

So what should you do? In the case of someone who has tried and tried to lose weight over a period of time and the pounds just refuse to shift I would recommend the information provided by a reliable doctor such as Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst or talk with your GP about your ongoing concerns and the likelihood of a parasitic infestation and bad bacteria.

34 year old, mother of two.
Student of intestinal disorders and sufferer of Crohn's Disease

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