Increase Your Metabolic Rate To Lose Your Weight

Losing weight is never easy; especially if you do not have a clue about what to do. But to help you jump start your weight loss efforts, you should begin by improving your metabolism or your body's ability to burn off calories. The following are easy ways to improve your metabolic rate.

Add More Movement

So you want to really burn more calories? Then you have to move your body more. Your body movements definitely help you burn off more calories. It's no joke. You can start off by twiddling your thumbs or tapping your feet even while at work. For greater caloric consumption, you can also try taking the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. And whenever possible, always choose walking over taking the cab on your way to your favorite nearby coffee shops or book store.

A walk in the park at night can be especially beneficial if you want to increase your metabolic rate. You see, everybody's metabolism slows down at night; and evening walks before dinner can keep your metabolism all perked up even in the evening. This means, all the calories from the food that you eat during dinner will not likely end up as fat stored in your body!

Add More Protein

It has been proven that protein can help balance the amount of insulin in your body. Having a balanced flow of insulin in your system can greatly improve your metabolic rate. A base amount of around 70 grams of protein in your diet everyday is considered helpful in your quest to increase your metabolism.

Build Your Muscles

Here's the rule: the more lean muscles you have in your body, the quicker it is for your system to burn off calories. Experts reveal that people with more lean muscles can burn higher amounts of calories even when they are in a state of rest. With this in mind, you should aim for a workout that will increase the mass of muscle tissues in your body. And the best form of exercise that can significantly help you build up muscles is strength training.

For good strength training, you can start off by doing a few repetitions of pushups, sit ups, and squats. If you have the time to go to the gym, you can use weights to perform uncomplicated pulls and curls. These exercise regimens can increase not only the mass and strength of your muscles, but your metabolic rate as well.

Maintain Your Ideal Caloric Intake

Losing weight, at first glance, should begin with drastically decreasing your food intake. You figure, the fewer calories you bring into your body, the better chance for it to lose weight. Well, weight management experts say that an abrupt cut in the amount of food that you eat may bring in just the opposite.

You see, if you drastically lessen the food that you eat, your body will think that there is a famine going on, so to speak. As this happens, your system will automatically turn on a caloric conservation mechanism. Meaning, your whole body will try to conserve energy by lowering your metabolic rate and saving calories, thinking that food is in short supply. In short, even if your total food intake has been reduced, your metabolism is working very slowly; the end result is you will still be overweight or worse, you could even put on some pounds.

While the size of the food that you eat everyday plays an important role in your overall strategy on losing weight, you must remember that you should do a gradual reduction in caloric intake and avoid crash dieting.

Indeed, there is no steadfast rule on how you can reduce your weight. The best thing that you can do is to choose a combination of strategies so that you will not be constrained by one specific method of losing weight. This way, your overall weight loss strategy will be enjoyable and healthier for you. You can also augment your efforts with products like Zyroxin. For more information about increasing your metabolism, visit

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