Follow-Through Is Key To Natural Weight Loss Success

A variety of good, healthy, and effective weight loss programs exist that offer solid diet and exercise plans, and may even make recommendations for natural weight loss aids. Every one of these programs boasts some dramatic success stories, but these successes are only had by a small percentage of those who do the program. Why is it that certain individuals get such great results while the majority of people do not?

The primary factor that separates the weight loss successes from those who never make any progress lies primarily in the ability to follow-through with the necessary diet and exercise regimens. Without sustaining strong motivation and commitment, most people will not stick to a program long enough for it to give them any benefit.

So what's the problem? Why does motivation and commitment die out so fast in someone who had finally decided to do whatever it takes to lose weight?

Well, several things can interfere. Because most of us have to interact with other people, we are subject to being tempted with "forbidden foods". Family and friends may trigger bad habits. People may get busy and tired from the daily grind and just not have the time and energy to eat right and get regular exercise. Some may simply forget why they wanted to lose weight to begin with.

One tip to help keep you on track is to make sure to frequently think about your reasons for wanting to lose weight and what will be better about your life once you have lost the weight. The majority of individuals don't simply want to lose weight, they have some other more compelling issue that is driving them to lose weight. Some might want to be better able to play with their kids. Some may want to fit into sexy clothes again. Some may want to be fit enough again to enjoy certain activities. Whatever the reason is for you, once you figure it out, if you'll keep that motivating reason in your thoughts, your chances for succeeding on your natural weight loss plan will be greatly improved.

With frequent review of your underlying reasons to lose weight, it will be easier to stay motivated and committed to your goals. One suggestion to help you do this is to write down your motivating factors and then review your list frequently. I suggest writing things in such a way as you give yourself some unpleasant thing to avoid as well as a pleasant thing to look forward to. For example, if your motivation comes from the fact that you are fed up with people making fun of your weight problem, you could write something like, "I am determined to lose my excess weight because I am fed up with people making fun of my weight. I am excited to be achieving my weight loss goals and enjoy that people are telling me how terrific I look!"

You'll want to put your written motivation statement in a location where you will see it frequently throughout the day. It is important to take the time to actually stop and read it - and think about what you are reading - don't just rush through it. Allow youself to really get into the feelings of that motivating statement.

Because there are so many things that can conspire against you in your weight loss efforts, it is critical that your stay focused and remind yourself of why it s important for you to stick to your natural weight loss plan. You can stick to your diet and exrcise program when you use your mind to help you rather than just let it operate on auto-pilot. By working on staying motivated, you too can be one of the natural weight loss success stories!

Dr. George Best is a holistic healthcare provider in San Antonio, Texas. Additional resources, including Dr. Best's E-Book, "Training Your Brain For Weight Loss" can be obtained through his website on natural weight loss motivation.

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