Fast Weight Loss - No Hunger - Here's How!

There should be "no hunger" while you're trying to lose weight.

Hunger is the killer!

Hunger will knock you right off your program!

Here's what happened to me...

I was out of town visiting with my son and his wife last week. We had some great meals. I ate whatever I felt like. I came home and I had gained 5 pounds... not a disaster but this is how it all starts again.

I determined to blow those 5 pounds off and began on a weight loss program of a protein meal replacement drink in the morning plus minimal processed carbs throughout the rest of the day.

That was fine for 5 days but this morning I was rushed and busy so I had a mug of tea and a banana. Oh-ohh! Bananas are high GI foods.

It's important to avoid those High Glycemic Index foods like processed carbs, potatoes and sugar. I call them "High GI" to make the typing easier. They spike your blood sugar and start off the carb craving yo-yo.

And that's exactly what happened to me!

An hour later I was hungry... so I was planning a coffee plus some nuts. The next thing I know I'm putting two squares of dark chocolate in with the nuts!

And I'm eating them too, while I type this... I'm not a masochist. Dark chocolate is barely acceptable, but I'm hoping the nuts will create enough slow release blood sugar that I won't be triggered to go for more carbs later.

So what happened here?

I let myself get hungry!

But here's where I went wrong. Instead of starting the day with a low GI shake or a handful of nuts... some form of low GI protein... I went for a banana and caffeine and I spiked my blood sugar.

And then I wanted more carbs or sugar.

I had spiked my blood sugar, the insulin kicked in and pretty soon I was craving carbs.

Studies show that if we start the day with a high GI breakfast we will on average eat 80% more calories that day.

There's a good lesson here for me!

Avoid high GI foods and I won't spike my blood sugar. If I don't spike my blood sugar I won't get the carb craving. If I start the day with a "high protein-high fiber" meal I won't get hungry enough to slip off the plan.

If you're interested I can show you a plan to make this a reality in your life; you'll lose weight and you won't be hungry!

I have recently written a book entitled "Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry" which lays out a plan for overcoming Carbohydrate addiction and losing weight.

You can download it FREE here: "Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry"

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