Weight Loss - Could It Be That You Are Overweight?

Are you overweight?

Ask that question to one hundred people and you will get almost as many answers. Overweight can be just a few pounds over what you feel is your ideal weight to being obese. Obesity is not the nicest term but there cannot be any arguments that over the last ten years it has become more of a problem.

The other end of the scale is the fashion to be as thin as you possibly can be, ladies putting themselves through hell to get down to size zero. One pound over their desired miniscule weight to them must in their mind be classed as obesity.

Perhaps the most disturbing trend is amongst children, we hear much about how bad diet is causing obesity in that age group but to a lesser degree but just as important are those young girls who think they must emulate their celebrity idols and be stick insects. Whichever end of the size scale the result is a great potential for health problems.

It is a problem that affects all ages but it is a problem that all can address and, with a little willpower, overcome.

When deciding to embark on weight loss what options are open to us? Many believe that diet pills are the perfect solution but are they? Is the magic formula that we all seek in a pill and taking one will solve all? The dreamers of the 1950 and 1960 trying to guess what life will be like in the following century probably had such a thing in their minds but we must ask ourselves why the problem of obesity still exists when diet pills have been around for such a long time. Clearly this cannot be the perfect answer for us.

Research estimates that millions of Americans alone will start to diet this year. Enter weight loss, lose weight or diet into an Internet search engine and the response will overwhelm and no doubt confuse you. Should you pop a pill, start a new fangled diet, burn it off with an exercise gadget or invest in some other strange potion.

What should be foremost in our minds is to find a safe and proven weight loss program and this should mean a healthy diet. Safe weight loss is the best approach and in the long term is the most effective.

Having accepted that fact the most natural way to lose would be to eat good wholesome food. OK, so you substitute takeaway and convenience foods for the healthy option but are you not just stoking the same boiler but with different fuel and putting weight on but perhaps more slowly. Well, yes, unless you control your portions and that is where the right weight loss program comes to the rescue. Joining such a program will lighten your purse or wallet but nowhere near what a pills and potions diet would and it is sustainable in the long term.

We all have human frailties to a lesser or greater degree and need support. The right program will give you the support but it essential that you get the support of family and friends to help you through moments of weakness. I don't care what you say, you will experience them.

If you have recognised that you are overweight and resolved yourself to correcting the problem do not be put off by the confusing hype. You owe it to yourself and your family to embark on a healthier lifestyle. You are not alone, there is help out there. Set yourself small and realistic weight loss targets that give you a buzz when you achieve and encourage you to go for the next target.

But before you decide upon any drastic change to your diet or exercise regime, consult your doctor to make sure your body can cope with the change.

William (Bill) White of Start to Diet writes on subjects relating to weight loss, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

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