Increased Metabolism is Key to Weight Loss

Having the correct weight relative to age, height and body frame is the key to enjoying life. It is a sign that a person is physically healthy and it makes one look and feel good.

But obesity is so real and studies have shown that today's lifestyle, which include most time sitting down doing computer work, has resulted in having more people become overweight.

And it is not surprising that so many commercials advertisements on weight loss which include gym and sports club membership, healthy food and weight loss pills like Suvaril. Most of these things work but a person on a weight loss program can be helped further by understanding the role of metabolism in weight reduction.

Metabolism refers to the complete set of chemical reactions happening in the cells of any living body. Metabolism is the basis of life which takes care of cell growth and reproduction, maintaining their structures and responding to the environment. To say it in simple term, metabolism is the process wherein the body converts food intake into energy. Metabolism as a biochemical process combines calories from carbohydrates, fats and proteins with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function. Some terms associated with metabolism are catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism yields energy by breaking down food into cellular respiration while anabolism uses the yielded energy in constructing the components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids. From this fact, we can deduce that the faster the metabolic rate is, the faster our body converts the food intake into energy instead of fats stored in the body. Medical experts have unanimously agreed based on clinical studies and their experiences that the most effective and easy way of burning fasts is by utilizing the food intake into energy. Increase metabolic rate couple with eating less fat and fiber rich foods, can be a sure way to lose weight and maintain a superb and healthy body.

When a person has high metabolism, he or she can consume more food and gain less weight even with lesser exercise compared to someone who does the exact thing but has very low metabolism. But this is not to say that proper diet and exercise are not essential in weight loss. This is just for the sake of comparison.

The wide belief that metabolic rate is genetic is not true. Metabolism can be enhanced with supplements such as Suvaril. Suvaril's proprietary blend of natural ingredients which includes green tea extract, chromium, biotin, and B vitamins, plus other natural ingredients that may help enhance metabolism and reduce cravings.

Suvaril capitalized on the fact that as people get older, their metabolic rates slow down. Many people have testified that Suvaril has helped them enhance metabolism while reducing craving for extra food especially those rich in sugar because the some natural contents of Suvaril have healthy forms of sugar. We must always bear in mind that developing an amazing metabolic efficiency can be achieved regardless of genetics, age or natural resting metabolic rate. With the correct program and the aid of natural weight loss pill like Suvaril, a healthy and good shaped body can be attained.

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