How to lose weight painlessly

Obesity has been a high-ranking national problem for a couple of decades now. Are you bothered by all those extra pounds? Is there anything you can do about it? You've tried dieting; you've tried exercise programs. If you're lucky, you may have seen some partial results, and now you live in constant fear of gaining it all back the moment you let your guard down and allow yourself to be seduced by your favorite pastry. Hundreds of diet books are published every year. None of them seem to work.

The problem may not be all those calories, or how many times a day you eat, or how much faith you put into your exercise program. The problem may very well be in your head.

That's right.

Imagine you have a couple of guests over, and one of them is especially nasty and cranky. He or she demands attention all the time, likes nothing, takes offense easily. The entire household is jumping around him or her, offering affection, drinks, conversation, gifts - nothing pleases him (or her). Nothing! Finally, you (the hostess) realize it's time to show the pest where the door is.

The second thing you realize is showing him (or her) the door is a pretty difficult task. He (or she) won't take hints. He (or she) won't believe your lies. He (or she) will call your bluffs. If you tell him (or her) that his (or her) mother, sister, wife, husband, child is on the phone, he (or she) will ask you to take a message - he (or she) is too busy berating the other guests. So you resort to insults. You call him (or her) terrible names. You raise your voice to such a degree some of the guests quietly suggest to you you should have been an opera singer.

Nothing. The pest remains.

Finally, intelligent gal that you are, you decide to ignore him (or her). Somehow, you get the others to ignore him (or her) as well. The pest will linger for another hour or so. Then he (or she) will leave.

Pests only persist if you accommodate them.

If you accommodate your fat, it will stay. Forever.

Your extra pounds are weighing you down - so what do you do? You sit or lie down. You're accommodating your fat. It gets difficult to keep your back straight towards the end of the day, so you relax your posture. You sprawl, or you bend, or you lean against something. What are you doing? You're accommodating your fat. You put on certain types of makeup, you get certain types of haircut, you use certain types of perfume - directly or indirectly, you're accommodating your fat. Always. It feels welcome.

You THINK about being fat more often than you think about literature, opera, sex, history, money, housing, children, dogs, travel, etc, etc. You're accommodating your fat. Your fat loves being thought about.

There is a way to get around it. You should stop accommodating your fat immediately. Start acting as if it didn't exist. Straighten up. Smile. Each time you look at yourself in the mirror, be on guard. The moment you want to think about your fat, think about opera or history. Or sex.

Ricardo is the author of A Fat Girl's Ultimate Guide to Thinness and Happiness

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