Weight Loss - The Top 3 Weight Loss Programs Online

Weight loss programs online continue to gain popularity. One of the reasons for this is because of the great support you receive while remaining anonymous. Being overweight is very emotional and can be extremely embarrassing. This is why many people "eat in the closet". They hide their stashes of their favorite high calorie foods. Who wants to admit to someone in person that they have a stash of chocolate hidden in their underwear drawer?

Numerous studies have concluded that online support is just as effective as in person support. And the support online is 24/7 so regardless what time you need support, you can find someone to talk to and share your struggles with.

Here are the top three weight loss programs online today:

1. Weight Watchers: Consumer Reports continually rates Weight Watchers as one of the best diet programs - both online and off. It has been around since 1961. At the current time you can choose between Weight Watchers core plan or the points plan.

The plan is based on healthy eating. Nothing is forbidden. You're encouraged to choose foods from all food groups. Exercise is strongly recommended. You'll find numerous weight loss tips and articles online. You can attend meetings in person or online. Once you meet your weight goal Weight Watchers teaches you how to maintain your loss.

2. Slim Fast: Slim Fast is a meal replacement diet. It also continues to rank highly with Consumer Reports. Slim Fast has been around since 1977. They offer meal replacement bars and shakes. Their products contain 100% of your essential daily nutrients.

On this plan you eat one balanced meal per day consisting of protein, carbs and veggies. For the other meals and snacks you choose a slim fast product. You are also allowed to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables.

eDiets offers support and guidance while you follow Slim Fast. When you follow Slim Fast on eDiets you are given a choice of three plans - Low Fat, Low Carb or Combination. They also offer a maintenance plan.

3. eDiets: I believe eDiets is one of the most popular online diets. They are also ranked in the Top 5 according to Consumer Reports. eDiets was one of the first nutritionally based weight loss programs online. At it's inception it was a low fat plan based on the American Dietetic Association recommendations.

Today they offer over 20 plans for you to choose from. You can switch plans any time and as often as you like. This is great because eDiets realizes that not every plan will work for every person. They truly want you to find the perfect diet for you. If you joined them and choose Atkins and then after a week or two find that low carb is not for you, you can change your plan with a click of your mouse.

Regardless what plan you choose it is customized to fit your personal likes and dislikes.

eDiets offers superb support both online and over the phone. Yes, that's right you can speak to a real live nutritionist over the phone about your personal needs. You can also receive support and advice from doctors and psychologists. eDiets offers several online meetings that you can attend live - or read them later. There's also videos you can watch whenever and as often as you want.

In addition to the eDiets basic plan for a few extra bucks you can subscribe to their virtual trainer, which shows you step-by-step exercise routines. They are easy to follow and can be customized to your personal needs. EDiets also offers a recipe club so you'll never get bored of eating the same dishes over and over again.

Weight loss is one of the most personal rewarding experiences you can ever achieve. It's time you take the first step of making your weight loss goals a reality. Join an online program today.

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