Weight Loss - Secret of Weight Loss

Every year is the same old resolution. You are going to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight. Usually only lasts about two months, if that, and you are back to the same old routine. I know, I have been there many times!

Natural weight loss is just plain hard to do. But, it is possible. And, it is the most effective way to lose weight. There are so many diets and drugs for you to try. Some people actually need to have the drugs due to health issues. But, even these people must follow some type of eating and exercise plan. Diets are a temporary solution. If a diet does help you lose those extra pounds, and the weight stays off for more than a year, it is not the diet working. It is that your lifestyle has changed.

Diets, journaling, and watching those calories are actually a helpful tool to begin a lifestyle change without even realizing that is what you are doing! For example, when you are watching your calories or counting those points, you usually have to make a choice. Should you go for the candy bar at 350 calories or have a smaller treat and much more food for the same amount of calories? This is the beginning of a lifestyle change. Making choices is an important part of your lifestyle change.

Making the choice to exercise is also very important to a healthy weight loss. You do not have to go to the gym every night for an hour. As long as you can fit some time in, as little as 30 aerobic minutes three times a week, this will help you lose the weight and increase your energy level. Get creative! Dance to your favorite CD, go for a walk, take up a new FUN sport, or just run around with your kids or pets. Increasing your metabolism helps increase your energy level. This will help you get to your goal weight sooner. Remember to always warm up and cool down! The more exercise you can fit in, the more calories you will burn. And, you will feel so much happier and healthier!

Watch your beverages! Those are where the calories sneak in! Carbonated beverages made with sugar contain about 150 calories per 12 ounces. Coffee contains 2 to 3 grams of fat per 6 ounces. Diet beverages may seem to be the route to go, but recent studies have shown that diet soda can lead to an increase of snack food intake. You are not getting your "sugar fix" with a diet soda! Drink as much water as you can! Often, people mistake feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger. Studies show drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day can help cut down on hunger urges. Drinking more water will help your entire system! Drinking water provides a feeling of fullness, and helps the body to more efficiently use stored fat.

Effective weight loss is important to your health and self-esteem. It is a challenge to lose the weight and keep it off. Many times, people feel as if they have failed themselves when they revert back into their old habits. There will be times that you are at a plateau and you just can't get those last few pounds off. When this happens, you have to make a choice to keep going. All you need to do is mentally believe you can do it. At this point, just reevaluate your eating patterns and exercise schedule. Actually, you should be proud of this moment, as this means your body has adjusted to the previous weight you have lost, and it needs an updated schedule.

Drugs can help you lose the weight, but there are many side effects to them. Some side effects are very dangerous. Diets just do not last.

So, the secret to losing weight is to believe in yourself. Once you have accomplished your goal the natural way, without high priced drugs and diets, your self-esteem will rise and you will KNOW you can do anything. And this lifestyle change will lead to a healthier, happier you.

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