Top Myths About Fat Loss

Burning fat can, at times, be an extremely difficult process. Everyday we are bombarded with messages about new diets or gimmicks that promise us fast results but rarely deliver on them. Today I am here to help you by debunking the top myths about fat loss that hinder the progress of many so that you can achieve your fat loss goals. By avoiding the principles of these myths you will build a good base on which to start your diet and exercise routine.

1. You Need To Eat As Little As Possible

This is easily one of the top myths about fat loss around today. Virtually everywhere you go there are messages telling you to eat as little as possible. However, eating an extremely low calorie diet will simply put your body into "survival mode" and you will find it virtually impossible to burn away the fat. Instead, you should trick your body by eating 3 healthy meals and also having 3 healthy snacks at regular intervals every day. Your body will then be able to burn the fat as it does not have to worry about a woefully inadequate intake of energy.

2. Lifting Weights Doesn't Help You Loose Fat

This is another one of the top myths about fat loss I have experienced over the years. According to this myth lifting weights should not be done - instead you should focus all your efforts on cardio. This is simply a complete lie as weight lifting has a number of benefits! Firstly, it does burn calories (although not usually as many as cardio work does) Also, weight lifting stimulates your metabolism for hours afterwards and most importantly it helps to build muscle mass. After all, what's the point in loosing a whole load of body fat if you have no muscle underneath to show off?

3. You Need To Exercise Every Day

This is another one of the top myths about fat loss that I feel is actually causing quite a large problem. Many people, for some strange reason, feel that it is necessary to do intense exercise every day of the week in order to burn fat. This is just not true unless you do not wish to diet - then you must exercise more to create an overall calorie deficit. Rather than working out every day of the week you should do cardio 3 times weekly and weight training 2 times weekly for sessions of 30-60 minutes (depending on your fitness level) having those extra days rest will give your body a chance to recover and refresh because over-training (exercising without proper rest) can be far more damaging than missing out on a little bit of exercise.

Now that we have debunked the top myths about fat loss you can build a diet and exercise plan that suits you and that will give you the results you need - without potentially dangerous gimmicks or fads. Just remember that you do need to eat, that weight training can be incorporated into a successful fat loss program and that you don't need to spend half your life exercising!

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