Secrets of Weight Loss Success - Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry!

What is the most desired feature of a diet plan? To be able to lose weight, but never go hungry!

Am I right?


It's the hunger that is the biggest challenge in most weight loss campaigns. We just don't want to subject ourselves to this torture. We want it to be easy. We don't expect pain at the dental office anymore so why should we subject ourselves to it when we try to lose some weight. I mean, for God's sake...who wants to be strong and disciplined, grit your teeth and hang in there when your body is crying out for carbs?

Those carbohydrate cravings... there's our enemy... they kick in and trip us up every time and we fall off the program... again! And then we hate ourselves and don't want to give it another try.

Of course there are the other factors like... well... just how many salads can you eat before you go mental and grow rabbit's ears... not to mention the sheer boredom of most diet plans.

Every new diet makes big promises but the sad history of diets and dieters is that the actuality of being on the diet, just doesn't create enough motivation to overcome our learned craving for carbohydrates.

So it came to me that the true way to generate success with a diet would be to implement an eating program that never caused you to go hungry. If we don't crave food all the time then we won't fall off the plan.

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So what to do?

Well it appears that the whole success or failure of our efforts is directly tied into our sugar/insulin cycles... no doubt you've read lots about this?

The cause of this problem is our typical high-glycemic North American diet which is now popular around the world-a diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates: coffee and a pastry for breakfast, fries and a coke for lunch, A TV dinner and a bag of chips over TV.

Now I know that not everyone is eating like this all of the time but you'd be surprised how many people and families do.

This diet creates blood sugar spikes way above the normal optimal operating levels followed by a huge shot of insulin to bring those levels down. The insulin is overdone and stays in the system pushing our blood sugar below optimal and we crave another carbohydrate hit to get our energy back. And so it goes... day in, day out in our headlong rush toward chronic diabetes. We become insulin resistant and our body starts breaking down.

The good news is that this destructive cycle can be neutralized in as little as five days with a good balanced diet of satisfying protein rich foods with minimal carbohydrate content-what are termed "low glycemic" foods-foods that don't spike our blood sugar levels.

Follow this with a diet plan that gradually re-introduces normal meat and vegetables back into the diet and we can have this chronic problem licked.

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