Secrets Of Weight Loss Success - All I Know About Weight Loss I Learned From Pavlov's Dog!

Secrets Of Weight Loss Success - All I Know About Weight Loss I Learned From Pavlov's Dog!

I know you've all heard about Pavlov's dog, but I'll bet most of you haven't heard this:

Here's what everyone knows about Pavlov's dog... the bell triggered a "give me food" reflex response. The dog then became addicted to pressing the buzzer.

Pavlov used dogs in his research on digestion. He would surgically insert a pouch attached to a tube near the salivary glands to collect and measure the amount of secretion. One of his colleagues noticed that the dog would salivate as soon as it saw or heard the assistant that fed him, before even seeing or smelling the food. At first Pavlov found this frustrating as it disrupted his results, but then wondered why this was happening.

Pavlov conducted an experiment to see if one could learn to associate a natural stimulus, such as food, with an unrelated stimulus such as ringing a bell, thus eliciting a response by the unrelated stimulus alone.

The sight or smell of food (the unconditioned stimulus) causes the dog to salivate (the natural unconditioned response).

Ordinarily a neutral stimulus, such as a bell ring, does not cause the dog to salivate. There is no food related response. The dog simply responds to the sound of the bell and may move its ears.

Pavlov found he could condition the dog to respond to the bell. He would ring the bell and immediately follow it with food. He would repeat this process several times. Eventually, the dog would salivate (conditioned response) at the sound of the bell alone (the conditioned stimulus). The dog had associated the tone with food.

Here's what most people don't know about Pavlov's dog: And it's really good news for us...

Pavlov and his associates tried many variations of this experiment:

He found that if the bell sounds several times and "no food appears"... the dog will unlearn the association and will not salivate.

This is referred to as extinction.

Here's why it's so good!!!

We can use this knowledge to take away the power of those triggers! We can unlearn the response. We can re-train our mind! We really can defeat those triggers that have held us hostage for so long!

We can make those triggers extinct!

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