The Secret Behind Overweight America

I think I may have stumbled onto something here...

See, I was trying to research this article on weight loss. I searched through stacks of websites, books, and TV programs trying to find the real secret behind losing pounds the fast and easy way.

And in my searching, I decided to drop by a local restaurant for a quick lunch. Nothing fancy, but a definite step above fast food.

So I order the usual--burger, fries , soda--and before you can say "does my butt look big in these jeans" my lunch is served.

But it isn't just lunch. Oh no...this is WAAAAY more than lunch.

They bring me a plate the size of New Hampshire that's piled so high that fries, condiments, and sprigs of parsley are literally spilling over the side.

The burger was so massive, even Steven Tyler of Aerosmith couldn't wrap his gigantic maw around it, let alone my teeny weeny piehole. And the fries? More like a long length of rope cut into 25 six-inch pieces and fried golden brown.

And then they waiter says 6 words that nearly put me on the floor laughing...

"Can I get you anything else?"

Yeah, how about a crane and 50 Red Cross shipping crates. I'm about to feed Zimbabwe for an entire year.

I mean, c'mon people! Am I seriously supposed to eat this at one sitting? Maybe if I had just come off of a 10 day hunger strike I could possibly--POSSIBLY--put away 2/3 of it. But there was no way I could even put a dent in it before leaving my seat.

And then it hit me. THIS is why America is so overweight.

It's not the food we're eating. It's not the fat we're ingesting. It's not the lack of exercise or too many carbs...

It's the AMOUNT we're taking in.

Let's face it--we're Americans. We love everything big. Big cars, big houses, big TVs, Oprah Winfrey. It's all part of our culture.

And that includes eating out. We want more than we can handle, just to see if we can handle it. So we stuff ourselves silly trying to clean our plate. That's why our waistlines and expanding and our lifespans are shrinking.

So here's a tip: When you sit down to eat--especially at a restaurant like this--stop before you finish. Leave a half to a third of your food untouched.

Grab a doggie bag and take it home. Then give to your dog. Or take it to lunch the next day. Or leave it in your fridge until it turns green.

The point is, don't cram your craw with a bunch of food your body doesn't want--or need--at this sitting. Just eat 1/2 to 2/3 of what you've got, and push the plate away. It's that simple.

Shoot, you could even splurge for dessert. But not that triple ripple brownie mountain they have plastered on the table tent. You're only asking for trouble. One scoop of sherbet will do nicely to satisfy that sweet tooth.

If you're one to eat out a lot, try this easy to implement technique for a few weeks and watch the scales start to slowly head in reverse. You'll be surprised at how much weight you can really shed just by pushing yourself away from the table a little sooner.

Jay White is a copywriter and marketer who has a spare tire the beer fairy gave him in college 20 years ago, but refuses to take back. For more free tips on dieting and losing weight, check out Diet Tips

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