Low Carb Weight Loss: Making It Work

Carbohydrates are what your body burns for fuel, and as long as the amount of carbohydrates you eat is not more than the amount your body burns, you won't have a problem. But if you start consuming more carbohydrates than your body can burn, it will simply save the extra, in the form of fat, for a time when you may not have any carbs to spare. The whole system was highly efficient way to make sure that early humans survived in times of famine, but for those of us who no longer have to worry about famine, too many carbs mean too much weight.

There was a time when the US Department of Agriculture suggested that the equivalent of six pieces of bread was not too many to consume in a single day. Six pieces of bread is about five more than a low carb diet allows in a single week, at least in its early stages, because low carb weight loss depends on the carbs one chooses to eat being as nutrient dense as possible. But on the plus side, if the people who actually follow the USDA's recommendation for carb intake have a weight problem, replacing the bread with a low carb item should go a long way toward solving it.

The Danger Of Hidden Carbs The biggest factor in succeeding at low carb weight loss is to accept that you'll have to forego your favorite processed foods. Most processed foods are loaded with sugar in one form or another; corn syrup is one of the most common ingredients in processed foods from ketchup to donuts. So while you may think that avoiding the obvious sugar saturated goodies like candy bars and ice cream is all it takes, you'll have to start reading the nutritional labels on all the processed foods you by and getting a handle on their carb contents.

Avoiding The Pitfalls If you think the packaged pastries, cookies, candy, and muffins are the enemy, you have the right idea. Not only are they minefield of sugar and/or processed flour carbs, they are made with the cheapest ingredients possible, which means lots saturated of hydrogenated fats and preservatives to extend their shelf life in the warehouse.. They are not only nutritionally barren; they are actually harmful if you make a habit of consuming them.

Is there any way at all to stick with a low carb weight loss plan in a world run amok with refined carbs? Well, there's the strategy of keeping your enemies close. Why not treat yourself to a small--and small means small--piece of whatever sugar laden goody is your particular favorite before you actually develop a craving for it?

"All things in moderation" are wise words to live by, and they can work for your low carb weight loss effort. Get the brownie, but only eat half and give or throw the rest away. Same for the cookies or candy bar. The idea of waste may be a stumbling block for you, but successful low carb weight loss will require you to learn portion size and discipline somewhere along the way, so why not start with the hardest part and get it over?

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