Lose Weight Now-Burn that Fat-Here's the Secret!

We don't just want to lose any old weight...right? We want to keep our muscles, bones, organs and brain intact.

We want to shed that fat!

Well here's the problem with a low calorie diet... the first thing to go is your muscle tissue and the last thing to go is the fat... especially that fat around your belly.

A low calorie diet is such a struggle. It takes gallons of will power to stick through the hunger and food cravings. You see when you deprive it of food your body thinks there's a famine out there and it gets itself prepared. It makes you hungry... "gimme some food" is what it screams at you.

But worse than that, because it thinks there's a famine, your body begins to store your food as fat.

So what happens? You lose weight but you grow bigger. Your body stores your food as fat and starts to consume your lean tissue. Lean tissue weighs more than fat so the scale shows you've lost weight while your tape measure says "no, no, no".

Now here's the really unfair part:

If you've been on a high glycemic/high carbohydrate diet for a long time then you've probably gotten your body to a state of insulin insensitivity. If you're insulin insensitive then your metabolism can no longer adequately control your blood sugar levels.

A high-glycemic diet is what gets us to this stage. Processed carbohydrates and sugars cause a very fast elevation in our blood sugar levels (spiking your blood sugar). Then we get a shot of insulin... too much insulin if we drove the blood sugar levels very high. Our blood sugar goes too low from the impact of too much insulin, we get the craving and we go for the carbs again... and round it goes.

Pretty soon it takes more and more insulin to bring those levels down until eventually it doesn't work anymore.

We become "insulin insensitive" because we're getting too much insulin all the time and it takes more and more insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels... until eventually it just can't do the job anymore.

Then the muscles become insulin insensitive and the calories don't feed the muscles anymore... so they get turned into fat around our belly. Your belly starts to grow first and it continues to grow until you stop consuming those high-glycemic foods.

At this point you've become addicted to carbohydrates. You crave food all the time and you reach for carbs because they give the biggest hit... they go straight to the blood sugar and the cycle is running again.

The surprising thing is that if you eliminate high-glycemic foods from your diet you can remove those carb craving in as little as five days and start losing weight off your belly immediately. You won't feel hungry and you won't need any will power!

It will happen like magic... and I can show you how.

I have recently written a book entitled "Lose Weight -Never Go Hungry" which lays out a plan for overcoming carbohydrate addiction.

You can download it FREE here: http://www.loseweightnevergohungry.com/book

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet and Network Marketer with many years of successful experience. He has a lifetime involvement in healthy living and nutrition. He coaches worldwide.

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