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Do you want to lose weight fast? Well you have come to the right place. Here you will find a great source of the hottest programs that will help you lose weight and feel great.

This is a very simple way to lose weight fast without having to spend big bucks for a professional to tell you what you can and cannot eat or drink on a daily basis. Now, I am not saying that lose weight fast programs are bad because they are not. There are a few weight loss, killer ab workout, and negative calorie diet programs that are amazing, but I will get to those in a bit. First I am going to show you the simple way to lose weight fast.

What you will want to do is get a notebook and a pen before you go so sleep and when you wake up in the morning start counting calories. Make sure that you start on what you would consider a normal eating day for yourself. If you go out to dinner on Friday Nights then don't start on a Friday. Count how many calories you ate and drank for breakfast that morning. Write it down in your notebook. If you need to know how many calories are in something like an apple or an orange then just look it up online. Most other food and drink items should have their calorie count on them.

Count any calories that you intake during the day, not only meals. If you have a snack between breakfast and lunch make sure to include it in your calorie count.

For lunch just make sure that you remember to write down how many calories you took in and the same for dinner. Again, most food and drink will have the calories listed right on the package, that is why you should do this first step on a normal day and not a day where you plan on going out to dinner.

This next step is simple. Add up all of the calories you ate and drank that day and simply cut that number by 500. If your total calorie intake for that day was 2000 then you should only eat 1500 calories each day from now on.

Another simple way to lose weight fast is to speed up your metabolism. You can do this by spreading your calories out between 5 or 6 small meals instead of the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now you will need to do some exercise. You cannot depend solely on what you eat to help you lose weight fast. The best way to lose weight is to run, walk or do some type of cardiovascular activity. You could also jump rompe if you don't want to run or walk. Doing this 3 times per week for about 30 minutes per time should be sufficient. Tip: Do NOT weigh yourself every day. When you first start the diet only weigh yourself after 1 week of sticking to the diet. After you realize that you can lose a couple of pounds per week you will be excited. If you weigh yourself everyday you will become discouraged, so don't do it. Hope these tips help you out in your journey to lose weight fast. Click below for some great information about how to lose weight fast.

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