Loosing Wight Overnight

Is it possible to loose weight overnight?

A four-year study carried out by researchers at the University of Wisconsin point outs that this is indeed possible. They found that those who sleep seven to nine hours nightly are less likely to be obese than those who only have between two and four hours sleep a night. As a matter of fact those only having two to four hours a night were seventy three percent more likely to be obese. They found that these percentages lessened significantly in proportion, if the hours spent sleeping were greater than before. Overweight and obesity is a problem for millions of Americans. This research indicates that getting more sleep is an important step in sustaining a healthy body weight. Loose your weight at Fat Weight Loss

The National Sleep Foundation carried out a "Sleep In America" poll in 2005. The findings were that adults in America sleep less than seven and hours a night at weekends and just over six and half hours per night throughout the week. When averaging the overall time spent sleeping over the whole week, adults reported an average of only just under seven hours a night These results show that the majority of adults get less than eight hours sleep each night. This may have a knock on effect as to how much each individual weights. Get fat weight loss information at Fat Weight Loss

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