Liposuction for Weight Loss: Does it Suck?

Liposuction has been used in place of weight loss since 1974. Liposuction is meant to suck fat from the body through a hollow vacuum device. Liposuction allows fat to be removed from specific areas of the body.

If a person thinks her thighs are too fat, she could have some of this fat removed only from her thighs through liposuction. Liposuction is mainly used for cosmetic purposes, and can be very expensive.

If a person exercises and eats a proper diet, he will lose weight all over his body, and will build strong muscles and be in overall great shape. Liposuction will suck fat from specific areas of the body only.

Of course, a person could use liposuction over his entire body and become very lean all over, but there's still a huge problem that liposuction cannot fix.

If a person is prone to gaining weight on certain parts of his body, say, the buttocks for example, then, after liposuction, he will still continue to accumulate an abundance of fat in his buttocks area. This is due to genetics.

The second reason to skip liposuction is that it produces unnatural results. A person's body after liposuction sometimes does not look symmetrical anymore. This is way more common than you think.

And if you're a perfectionist then you're never going to look right anyway, so why not stay away from liposuction and start to eat right and workout intensely instead?

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