How To Lose Extra Weight - Three Painless Steps

Losing weight is no easy task by any means. It takes hard work and commitment to really succeed. It is a completely different change of lifestyle that you were use to. You have to watch what you eat, work out among many other countless things. But there are some things that you can do to make this task a little more pleasing to accomplish.

You need to start making your goals before you even think about losing weight. Without goals you have nothing to strive for, no measurement of success. You are lost without goals. Be careful though, most people only make one goal and are done. This is not the route you take when losing extra weight. What you need to do is make multiple small goals to ultimately lead you to your final goal. If you do this, you will not get bummed out because you didn't fulfill your final goal. You will simply focus on losing that five pounds instead of that one hundred pounds.

Stop eating without thinking. I know a little bit catchy right? All this simply means is why are you eating. Are you eating because you are truly hungry or are you eating because you're sad or tired? Figure out your motives of what makes you eat. There are all kinds of reasons. Some people eat just because there is food right next to them. Find your reason and avoid eating when the circumstance approaches.

Eat more meals a day. Yes, strange, but this is true. You need to eat more meals, but smaller size portions. Most people stop eating completely or at least substantially. When you do this your body goes into "starvation mode" and it stores all the fat that it can because your eating pattern tells the body that you are not going to eat in a long, long time. So, just eat smaller meals, plain and simple. It will cause your not go to into "starvation mode'' and this will also increase your metabolism thus burning more food and fat.

These tips are extremely easy to include in your eating routine. Make goals, eat when you are only hungry and eat more meals a day. Come on! How easy can that be? These tips are proven to work and I guarantee that if you apply these, they will work for you to. So get out there, stay motivated and lose that extra weight. You will be so happy with yourself and you will feel really great that you are not only lighter, but healthier as well. I wish you great success on losing your weight.

Max Whitson began involved in learning about weight loss at the youthful age of 15. Now, Whitson is a weight loss guru and has helped hundreds of people lose weight safely and effectively. For more information, visit

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