Exercise moderately and burn your fat

You may have known that exercising is one of the corner stones of fat burning, along with proper diet, and taking weight loss pills. But the main problem you face is lack of time or desire to engage in physical activity.

It is pretty understandable that if you want to burn fat, you need at least 40 or more of exercising. If you aren't got used to be physically active, you may resist and avoid that prolonged exercising, as it may seem pretty hard for you.

This article has some interesting facts about exercising for effective fat burning.

Recent research

Recently Japanese scientists conducted interesting experiment, aimed at analyzing how different exercising regimes affect fat burning. The researchers tested the blood of seven men -- average age 25 -- during and after exercise on a stationary cycle. The men participated in three different activities: one hour of exercise and one hour of rest afterward; 30 minutes of exercise followed by a 20-minute rest and then a second 30-minute workout followed by an hour of rest; and an hour of rest without exercise. The men sat in a chair during the rest period.

Splitting exercising burns more fat

The results showed that fat breakdown was more intense for men who did workout that was broken into two half hour steps. This workout regime also resulted in greater boost of epinephrine and fast lowdown of insulin as a result of lower plasma glucose. As researches think, these chemical activities also contribute to fat breakdown.


As you can see, there is no need to exhaust yourself with a prolonged exercising. If you just imagine exercising for an hour without rest, you lose motivation and switch to other activities.

Instead, tell yourself that you will exercise as long as you wish, and even 15 minutes of exercises will help your body to burn fat. When you feel it is enough, don't force yourself and take a rest.

As you see, split exercising is proven to burn fat successfully, so exercise to your pleasure and lose weight!

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