Eating Food That Burns Body Fat Can Help A Sustainable Weight Loss Plan

Many overweight people believe eating food that burns body fat is the answer to all their problems. In reality, eating what are known as "negative calorie" foods is just one part of a healthy strategy for long-term weight reduction and control.

For the purpose of this article, the definition of a food that burns body fat is either:

A) A food type which requires more calories to process than it actually contains, or: B) A food which temporarily speeds up your metabolism, causing more fat to be burned off

Protein rich foods are a typical example of group A, although to be effective they also need to be relatively free of fat content (for instance, chicken without the skin, lean meat and reduced fat dairy products). Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and Brussels sprouts and citrus fruits like oranges also burn off more calories during digestion than they contain.

Examples of food types from group B would be spices such as chilli. It is thought that eating chillis can increase your metabolic rate by up to 50% for 2 to 3 hours after eating them. Mustard sauce will also speed up your metabolism and help you burn off more calories.

By incorporating foods from both types listed into a healthy diet (including plenty of fiber) can help you lose weight at a steady pace. For a short-term boost to your efforts, you could include just food that burns body fat in your meals for a few days, but no longer than that, as your body would start to compensate (usually punishing you by giving several forced trips to the bathroom a day.)

There are other tricks you can try too to speed up your metabolism for short periods. Drinking plenty of iced water is a great way of burning off a few calories. As your body needs to bring the water up to the optimum temperature to process, you are burning calories with hardly any "pain" at all.

Here is a short list of food that burns body fat that can be incorporated into a healthy dieting plan:

Raw onions and garlic contain oils that can break down fat

Tomatoes contain natural acids that speed up your metabolic rate

Cucumber stimulates the kidneys to flush out fat from your system

Raw celery contains large amounts of ready to use calcium, which can help you lose fat from the tummy and waist.

Cabbage is also a great belly buster

All the above could be thrown into a salad, with some diced lean and skinless chicken breast or flaked fish such as tuna or salmon to make a great tasting, fat busting meal.

Of course, you do not need to rely solely on food that burns body fat to lose weight. Regular gentle exercise will increase your metabolism, as will eating little and often. If you want more help with raising your metabolic rate, why not visit this fat loss resource site: Dieting Resources

If these tips have been helpful, why not visit this site for more help with your weight loss regime: Dieting Resources

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