Eat Right and Lose Weight

One of the secrets of losing weight is to not let yourself get hungry. Meals should be no more than 4 to 5 hours apart, and you should always have with you something for snacking so you won't be tempted to go for a carbohydrate- rich snack, such as doughnuts, cookies, candy or ice-cream. Easy to carry and non-perishable snacks are crystallized ginger, vanilla halvah, unsalted nuts or small pieces of cheese.

Crystallized ginger in small chunks satisfies the sweet tooth and has health benefits, too. Vanilla halvah, which is a ground sesame seed candy with only a small amount of sugar will satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is not too sinful, and it will satisfy your urge for something sweet without causing you to overindulge. It is available in most supermarket deli sections. Chop the halvah in quarter inch cubes and store it in a covered dish in your refrigerator.

Chicken salad is not only an ideal between meal pick-me-up for adults (carry it in an insulated bag) but it is also great for kids for an after-school snack - much better than sandwiches and cookies.

Peanut butter -- 1 heaping teaspoon before each meal. 50 years ago my older brother who was blind and borderline diabetic and very obese came to live with my family for a few months. I had read a book Eat Fat and Grow Slim and decided to try a different approach to his obesity, since eating was one of his few pleasures in life. I fed him a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter a few minutes before each meal, and limited his bread to one slice per meal. Other than that he ate what the rest of us ate. In about two weeks he was losing weight and inches. He lost 3 pounds a week for about 6 months, dropping from 240 to 165 pounds. Then he moved away and got married, and gained it all back!

Low starch and low carbohydrate veggies stuffed with peanut or other nut butters or natural pimiento cheese make a good home snack.

A good filling afternoon snack for the kids is a power protein shake made in a blender with 8 oz. whole milk, a scoop of protein powder and a quarter or half cup of fresh or frozen berries or peaches, or half of an orange. Blend until thick and smooth. This provides about 15 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbohydrate. It is fine for growing kids who do not have a weight problem.

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