Build Muscle Burn Fat - FAQ

You want to build a ripped chest and abs and shed that spare tire. Or, maybe you want more muscular arms and legs but also want to burn 10 or 20 pounds of body fat over your entire body. Here is an FAQ about just this situation.

FAQ #1: Can I really achieve both goals?
Many people believe that it is difficult to find the kind of balance that allows you to take in enough calories to build muscle mass but at the same time lose fat. In fact, there are proven ways to do this. You really can achieve both goals at once!

FAQ #2: Does the technique for achieving my goals require steroids?
No. In fact, I do not think any self-respecting health and fitness professional could recommend steroids as an option for building muscle mass and maintaining overall good health across the board.

FAQ #3: When is the best time to eat after a workout?
Be sure to eat or drink a large dose of protein immediately following your workout. Generally, eating within 20-45 minutes is ideal. You want to eat your protein while your muscles are still in their broken-down, post-workout state. By doing this, you will stimulate a much faster regeneration of your muscle tissue in time for your next workout.

FAQ #4: What types of exercises promote huge muscle gains but not fat?
Focus on strength training, which generally means shorter workouts with heavier weights and more intensity, but with fewer repetitions. Concentrate your efforts on both your core strength areas as well as the large muscle groups in your arms and legs. You whole body should experience a strong "burn" during each workout for maximum results.

The dream of building muscle while burning fat is entirely achievable. The key to the proven technique is working out the right way, eating plenty of protein, and of course maintaining the right diet.

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