5 Simple Steps to Jump Start your Weight Loss.

Setting goals and having a plan is the best way to begin, or resurrect, any exercise program. There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information everywhere about losing weight. Cellulite creams, unhealthy and unregulated supplements, and several other fads pollute our airways and computer screens with their false promises of shedding crazy amounts of weight with little exercise, and other untruths. The only tried and true formula to succeed in any program is to begin with baby steps and small goals that won't leave you feeling frustrated and confused in your quest to better yourself.

Ask Why.

Ask yourself "What is going on inside me that makes me want to chow down right here and now?" If it's because you simply are just plain hungry or thirsty, then go ahead. If the answer is different then you need to deal with those issues in more productive ways. If you are tired, take a power nap. If it's because you are bored, lonely, or stressed out then call a friend and invite them out for a night on the town or a quite evening at home. Listen to music, watch your favorite movie, or read a new book. There are several other ways to feed your emotions than with food.

Write Everything Down.

Every morsel and every drop. Sounds like a tedious task, I know. Don't cheat. Make a deal to show a friend and be honest. Knowing that someone is going to read what you put in your body for "fuel" might help to curb that little bit of extra snacking.

Eat to Lose the Weight.

Can't go wrong with this one. Not eating will cause your body to go into starvation mode. When you deny yourself, your body has to make up for the lack of calories it's receiving by holding on to its fat stores and use muscle or lean tissue to keep functioning. In turn, it will take even less calories to gain weight and you will have no energy to lose it. Every pound of muscle burns an extra 35 calories each day.

Eat What you Like.

If you don't you are just sabotaging every effort and commitment you just made. The key is moderation. Have a guilt free piece of pie or cake on special occasions. Just not every day. Prevent yourself from going nuts and binge eating. Remember to eat healthy foods in moderation as well. Increase your chances of getting all the nutrients your body needs by eating a variety of foods.

Work to Make Yourself Stronger.

There are so many unique ways of getting beneficial exercise that it's impossible not to find one you can enjoy and keep up with. Walking, swimming, dancing, gardening, and even housework can count if you can get and keep your heart rate up. Try to break a sweat and raise your body temperature. You can section off your routine into 3 ten minute groups throughout the day. Keep at it and increase your time and activity level when it becomes easy for you.

Baby steps work wonders in all areas of life, but especially in losing weight. Make small goals and work towards them. When you've accomplished one, reward yourself and set another. Always make your goals attainable. Don't beat yourself up if you don't have Janet Jackson's abs (on a good day) after two months. Take pride in what you were able to accomplish and use that for encouragement to continue on.

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